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10 Ideas For An Informal Wedding

Before we start I have to stress that all weddings are special but the best ones are the ones that reflect the couple’s personality. It is a joy to work with couples that understand who they are and what they want. As a couple you want to set the tone for your wedding yourselves. How informal you want the day to be will depend on the arrangements you make with your vendors.

Here’s my ideas for informal wedding:

1.Instead of booking a formal venue find an unusual space; maybe a farm or city venue that doesn’t normally hold weddings or hire a marquee along with long trestle tables and wooden benches.real wedding vintage30

2. Have your ceremony late in the afternoon followed by canapés, cocktails, hog roast or braai in the evenings.

3. Cut out the DJ, why not play your favorite music on your ipod, I’m sure the dance floor with be full all night long because you’ll be playing music that is personal to you as a couple

4. Have something that brings everyone together like games or karaoke

5. Ask your photographer about having a photo booth, people get a box of props and guests get to pose in fake moustaches/hats etcinformal weddings

6. Have cupcakes instead of the traditional four tier cake

7. Cut out the following, receiving line, formal group photos, toastmaster and speeches.

8.Do something unexpected like hiring a projector and placing it outside the marquee then play a video/photo slideshow of your love story and maybe include photos of yourselves as kids then offer the guests popcorns, it will like an open cinema.

9.Choose a playful color scheme but be careful not to go over board, you still want your guests to feel like they are at a wedding not a circus.

10.Simple décor is the best for informal weddings, square modern vases or madon jars with cute little flowers.informal wedding vintage4

I hope you’ll find these ideas helpful and remember it’s your wedding don’t be pressured into doing what you don’t want to do because you will end up miserable. Be yourself and do you, not your mom, aunt or best friend’s wedding. Do YOU

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