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11 Brides Who Proof Afro Is Beautiful

11 Brides Who Proof Afro Is Beautiful

So today’s post is a little different from the normal Monday features. I’ve had this in my heart and mind ever since I read about it. I’m not exactly sure why I waited this long but after coming across this quote “Your silence gives consent”. I knew I had to say something on here.

My aim is to make this blog more than just a place for pretty pictures. I want to encourage self-love, acceptance(the way we are, not the way someone else perceives us to be) and question the laws that out of order.

Therefore, here’s my thoughts on the news that made headlines at Pretoria High school for girls. At first, I felt angry. I felt such rage it shocked me. I was so annoyed by the principal and all his staff at Pretoria high school for girls. These are the people who are supposed to teach our children. The very same people who are supposed to instil moral values in children. To encourage them to do better. To prepare them for life.

The lessons learned in high school shape our children and can make or break a child’s perspective in the world. What exactly are they teaching them? To change the way they look to be accepted. Why should they change their God-given features, in this case, their afro hair? Why in the world would you teach children not to embrace who they are? Why would the school ask the girls to relax their hair? I cannot believe this is happening in 2016.

Brides with Afro Hair



Who, tells children of other races to adjust their hair. Their argument that afro hair is not neat enough is absolute rubbish. It is an ignorant statement to make. This issue goes way beyond just afro hair. These laws were made to destroy our children’s self-esteem. I think the thought of a mixed race school at the time the code of conduct was written, made the writers sick to their stomach. They wrote the code for them. Little did they know that in 2016, the girls would say enough! And challenge the system that says afro hair must be straightened in order to look neat.

Brides With Afro Hair
Michelle Scott Photo.

If you know anything about straightening afro hair, you’ll know that you need chemical relaxers to straighten it. Not only are these chemicals dangerous to a young scalp, they can cause irrecoverable damage in later life. This is the reason why I wholeheartedly support the girls and say leave our girls alone. Just let them be.solange-wedding-dress-g2014-wedding-hairstyles-for-black-and-african-american-women-111So to the girls at Pretoria High , I dedicate this post to you. I salute you, young warriors. I’m inspired by your passion to say NO to the wrong laws that continue to enslave the black child. Keep Fighting. Our afro is beautiful, neat and a wonder. And these 11 brides are a testament to that very fact.

brides with afro hair

brides with afro hair

aisha my fro and i5

King And Ntokozo's Johannesburg Wedding               Unathi Mbambolandscape-1466449927-nakyia-whitty-lead

Brides With Afro Hair

Aren’t these brides gorgeous in their afro? I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below.

Image credit from the top: T Alamonde,  Kurt Boomer Photography, Cheri Pearl Photography, Miki Photography,Michelle Scott Photo, via natural hair bride, Jules Morgan photography,,, Unathi Mbambo, @naturally_nakyia


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