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12 Things Bridesmaids Should Know

12 Things Bridesmaids Should KnowWhen my cousin asked me to be one of her bridesmaid 10years ago I was over the moon but had no clue what my role was or what was expected of me. I hate to say this but I was a terrible bridesmaid. Mind you I was only 19, selfish and thought the world revolved around me lol. I was only concerned about myself and how I looked; rather than be there for her. It amazes me that we are still on speaking terms; I guess blood is thicker than water.
I believe it is a privilege and an honour to be a bridesmaid. To be asked to stand besides someone on the biggest day of their lives is no easy task. That is why bridesmaids need to make sure they are on point throughout planning and on the wedding day. 12 Things Bridesmaids Should KnowSo here are a 12 Things Bridesmaids Should Know before accepting the challenge

• Ask what’s expected of you, many times after the wedding friendships dissolve because of lack of communication during planning and on the wedding day.
• If you know the couple are paying for everything themselves, meet them half way by buying your own accessories.
• Don’t be demanding, remember it’s not about you but about the bride and groom.
• Be genuinely interested in the wedding.
• Offer your time without complaining.
• If you know that the bride plans to DIY most of the wedding, offer a helping hand.
• Offer emotional support, planning a wedding is stressful and overwhelming.
• Never criticize the brides dress, choice of venue or anything else concerning the wedding.
• Don’t hurt the bride by your comments. If you don’t have anything nice to say, just hold your peace.
• Go out of your way to be there for her. I am sure she will appreciate all your efforts and who knows she might be there for you when your day comes.
•It is the job of bridesmaids to help the maid of honor plan the hen party. But please don’t drink too much and make a spectacle of yourself, remember your goal is to make sure she has a fabulous time.
• Be obedient to the bride. Even if you don’t like her choice of dress, just wear it without murmuring.
• Attend every meeting with  her vendors and be on time.

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