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How To Relax When Planning A Wedding

Many things can end up ruining what’s meant to be the best experience of your life. Please be encouraged. Don’t let compromises frustrate you to the point  where you’re not bothered with wedding planning anymore. If it all gets too much STOP, breath and try the following:

How To Relax When Planning A Wedding

  1. Go for a walk, run or to the gym: exercise is beneficial for your health and well being. So you might as well do it and release stress, who knows you might even loose a few pounds.
  2. No Wedding Talk Day: When I got engaged the only thing I kept talking about was my wedding, until my fiance (now my husband) made me aware of it. So we decided to create a no wedding talk day. We went out every Monday to take our minds off the wedding. You don’t even have to spent a lot. Go for a picnic for two or to the movies or binge on TV programs.
  3. Cook Together: try a new recipe, something you’ve never cooked before. This is a cool way to practice married life.
  4. Spa Day: There is no better place than a spa to relax and forget about all your worries even if it’s only for an hour.
  5. Hot Bath: Fill your bath tub with aromatic bubbles, light candles and put on music that brings you joy.
  6. Eat Chocolate: I know some couples will be trying to lose weight before the big day however a few pieces of dark chocolate won’t do you any harm. If you are not a chocolate lover eat your favourite food. Don’t over do it though you still want to fit in your outfits.How To Relax When Planning A Wedding
  7. Pray. I’m a firm  believer in prayer. And there is nothing more relaxing than spending time in prayer or just meditating on the en-grafted word of God(The Bible). I promise you, you’ll feel revived and energized afterwards.
  8. Go to bed early: It’s said that the body heals itself when you’re sleeping.
  9. Read: I’m sure reading a book that you enjoy will put a smile on your face.
  10. Invite friends over:  Have a braai, relax and tell them wedding talk is off the menu.
  11. Long Drive: Go for long drive, we are so blessed to have a country that has many beautiful long stretch roads, perfect for relaxation.
  12. Stretch: In every exercise video I watch, trainers always mention that stretching relieves tension. So get stretching.
  13. Future: Find a comfy spot somewhere and talk future plans. e.g How do you both view married life, expectations and what compromises are you both willing to make.

Remember to enjoy the planning process. But most importantly enjoy the wedding day because it goes by too quickly.

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  1. Personally i like to run to get rid of hassles.

    1. Ika says:

      Same here Trijintje, running is the best medicine for hassles.

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