3 Reasons Why You Should Pick A Wedding Theme Part1

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. There has been so many exciting things happening this weekend but one stands out for me, The British Grand Prix at Silverstone. After years of watching the sport with my husband and pretending to be interested I can officially say I’m now a big fan. I have to congratulate Nico Rosberg for winning the grand prix, well done to him. Ok enough about motor sport let me get back to what I know and do best, wedding themes.

So how does one pick a wedding theme? Well it’s simple. My advice would be to pick one that reflects your personal style. Don’t be afraid to do something different or that’s never been done before, after all that’s what makes us all unique. It’s not necessary to pick a wedding theme but I would advise couples to consider it, especially if they don’t have a wedding stylist/planner. Here 3 reasons why….

 1. A theme will give you a starting point Once you have decided on a theme, you’ll find it easy to pick the venue, dress, suits, flowers, cake, readings and everything else.

2. Personal style. Even if another couple chooses the same theme as you, don’t worry about it, you can personalize it to suit your style and taste.

3. Setting the tone. Whether you are going for Hollywood glam, vintage, modern, country, industrial, retro or no theme at all but the color scheme  you’ll see everything coming together to create the atmosphere and mood you  envisioned.

In the next post I will be creating moodboadrs of different themes to give you an idea of how your wedding could look like, so drop by and have a little look.

I’ll be looking at the following themes, Vintage (most popular these days),Shabby Chic, Modern, Industrial, African,Country, Fairy Tale, Urban and Beach. To start us of with here is moodbord for Hollywood glam themed wedding. Hope you like it as much as I did.3 Reasons Why You Should Pick A Wedding Theme Part1

I would love to hear your thoughts, would you pick a theme and if so which one?

With a joyful heart


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