3 Things You Must Know When Catering For Weddings

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Catering for weddingsA couple of years ago I went to a wedding where the groom was the lead chef for his wedding. I was horrified to say the least, seeing him and his groomsmen running around like headless chickens trying to plate food and serve guests. Crazy I know.

Luckily they only had about 20guests. What were they thinking? Well his logic was; he could not afford to hire descent caterers and didn’t want to let his guests down by feeding them rubbish food. (Well I guess we have to admire him for his efforts neh)catering for weddings

Doing your own catering for your wedding is absolutely NOT impossible but I would strongly advise against it. I know some people might disagree with me which fine but it’s crazy to think that you can cater for your entire wedding and still enjoy your day. A compromise will be to make a signature drink or dish (well in advance) or even a buffet style dinner. CATERING FOR WEDDINGSIf you want to put your own stamp on the food, you have to be well organized. The job of catering for a wedding is no easy task. Be sure you know what it really requires before you commit to it. Remember it’s not only about serving food but it’s about serving outstanding enjoyable food.Without good food your guests will remember your wedding for years  to come for all the wrong reasons. So make sure you get it right. Here are 3 Things You Must Know About Catering For Weddings

CATERING FOR WEDDINGSEquipment:Obviously venues will have professional kitchens but if you are hiring an outside caterer make sure they have all the equipment they’ll need. Some outside caterers do not own their own equipment, find out if the venue will allow them to use their kitchen and equipment. The last thing you want is for you, your bridal party and wedding planner to be running around searching for replacement cutlery and plates.

Tasting:Tasting is a must. We made the fatal mistake of not asking for a tasting session because we trusted  the reputation of the caterer. The food was not bad but it could have been better. Make sure you ask your caterer for a tasting session. Beware of caterers  that offer all inclusive packages without offering tasting sessions. Even if they ask you to pay for the it, at least  you can call them out if they don’t deliver.

Drinks::Caterers don’t offer drinks with their menus. Be clear on what it is that you are paying for. For in house catering  make sure they outline the names of the drinks on the contract before signing it. We didn’t and as a result regretted it awfully. They gave us the most delicious juice but gave my guests cranberry juice (can you believe it).

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