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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Photography

avianto wedding by ryan parker

I was going through some of my old posts and realised how far the blog has come. Two name changes. Imperfectly written blog posts and so many mistakes along the way it feels good to be here. I thought about correcting the errors (for all you grammar police out there) from my old posts but then I realise its part of the journey. I can look back and smile even with the mistakes I’ve made. From following too many people on social media, sending emails and looking for approval from people, I can safely say I’m at my happy place with the blog. And my one focus right now is to help you my gorgeous readers along with your wedding planning journey.

Talking about helping you on your journey, I have compiled do’s and dont’s of wedding photography. Weddings are such special occasions and I think they should be captured beautifully. A lot of hard work goes into putting a wedding together. Hence, why it’s important to invest in a good photographer. You don’t want to look at your pictures and start to cry for all the wrong reasons. I would hope if you do cry, it’ll be happy tears of reliving your special day.

Do’s of Wedding Photography

Do have an engagement photo session especially if you are camera shy. It will be a good opportunity to get to know your photographer and practice being in front of the camera .

Do give starting out photographers a chance, some of them are incredibly good but check out their work before you commit to them. And ask for a practice run.

Do set a budget but be flexible. I’ve said it over and over, setting a budget is a must for wedding planning. That way you won’t reach out to photographers outside your price range.

Do ask if they have a plan B. God forbid they cancel due to unforeseen circumstances then you can always make use of their plan B.

Do double-check that your photographer is good at taking beautiful photos throughout the day from getting ready to relaxed photos of guests in the photographywedding photography

Don’ts of Wedding Photography

Don’t book a photographer because they are cheap, rather focus on quality. Putting price first is not a wise decision when it comes to wedding photography. You get what you pay for in this industry.

Don’t ask a friend or a family member(unless they’re professionals of course) to photograph your wedding especially if they don’t have experience, there is more to photography than meets the eye, not everyone can produce top quality photos.

Don’t take the first photographer you meet. Shop around first and if you still like their style you can always go back to them.

Don’t assume that paying a lot of money will guarantee great pictures, check their style, their website and images.

Don’t wait until last minute to book your photographer. The earlier you book the better. Some photographers get booked 6-24months in advance.

Photo credits: Ryan Parker Photography,  CCRosslerPhotographyZandra Conway

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments or suggestions. If you recently got married or planning a wedding, what motivated you to choose your photographer?

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  2. The photographer for my umembeso was recommended to me by my brother, I did though go look at her photos to check out if I like her style and quality – and I was happy with the work. These days I think it’s a bit easier because a lot of photographers are on Instagram and you can see their work each weekend.

    1. Ika says:

      That’s good Lungi. It’s always best to check recommend supplier’s work before booking. Loved your Umembeso. Yellow looks good on you.

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