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5 Mistakes Newly Engaged Couples Make

5 Mistakes Newly Engaged Couples MakeHello and Welcome to the best wedding blog ever. If you’re here for the first time and newly engaged welcome and congratulations. This post is especially for you. I hope you’ll enjoy this wedding blog full of inspiration, soon to come styled shoots, real weddings, venue styling ideas and much more wedding things. There is so much to look forward to and believe me wedding planning is fun,fun, fun……I have noticed there are a few mistakes newly engaged couples make,God knows I made a few when I was planning my wedding. So I have enlisted 7 mistake I see couples make and hope you’ll avoid making them

  1. Avoid Wedding Fairs: Yes there are many blogs out there. And yes one could plan a wedding in  a few months but there is nothing like wedding fair.This is a place where you get to see in real life ( not just pictures) examples of  suppliers work. My advice would be; attend as many wedding fairs as you possibly can because many suppliers will be offering at least a 10% discounts. Plus you get free bubbly and a gift bag.
  2. Take forever deciding to book a photographers: Good photographers are booked a year or so in advance unless they have a cancellation, so to avoid disappointments shortlist a few of your favorite photographers and make provisional booking.
  3. They Don’t Plan: They buy everything and anything they see on sale. This is a no, no it would be better for you  to get a venue first and then buy decorations. You might even get decor included in the venue hire quotation. Marriage proposal
  4. They Try To Make Everyone Happy: You cannot get everyone involved. It is much easier to get close friends and family members  Unless you know someone very well and they understand your vision don’t promise anything.
  5. Never Hackle: A  supplier gives you a price and you walk away because of budget issues.  Suppliers are reasonable they could cut a few things out without compromising on quality to help you get what you want. So hackle and be cheeky if you have to, you never know.

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