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5 ways to accessorize your wedding look using flowers

accessorize your weddingHello Precious one

The last time I went to visit my parents I found a garden of fresh roses in their back yard. I was pleasantly surprised as I never thought my mom was a lover of blooms. I myself was never a lover of flowers but I can remember how the smell of those roses made me feel. They made me feel alive, calm and at peace. I am sure that’s how Adam and Eve felt every time they walked through Eden.

After that experience in my mom’s garden, that was it, I was hopelessly hooked and in love with flowers and plants. Did I say in love? NO kind of obsessed with flowers. I love the way flowers generally make people feel, excited, happy and optimistic about life.

I know they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but I say forget diamonds, flowers are a girl’s best friend. Not only can you accessories your overall look by carry a gorgeous flower bouquet down the aisle but you can just about use flowers everywhere. So here 5 Ways to accessorize your overall wedding look using flowers

 1. On your hair: opt for a flower head piece (make sure it is properly secured) instead of a veil or combine the two together. I have seen this done over and over especially for those brides who are trying to achieve the bohemian or vintage look; but that doesn’t mean a luxurious bride can’t do it too.Another alternative for luxurious brides is to use one single big bloom.accessorize your wedding

Image Source:Amelia Johnson via Ruffled Blog

2. On your dress. You can have a flower sash or flowers at the bottom of the dress or anywhere on your dress that will compliment it, be careful not have too many though.

3. Sash:  If you are wearing a ball gown or mermaid dress, you can accessorize it by using a floral sash. It can either be real flowers or fabric flowers. If you plan to keep your sash I suggest you use fabric flowers. If you use real flowers get a floral artist who knows what their doing.accessorize your weddingImage Source: Esty

4. Bracelet: I have seen a lot of brides wearing floral bracelets lately and I must say they are super cute. If you ask your photographer I am sure they can come up with suggestions on how to capture your flower bracelet, believe me the images will turn out stunning.

pink english garden rose flower bracelet wrist corsage wedding flowers utah calie rose


Image Source: Calie Rose

5. Shoes: If you love flowers but don’t want too much of them everywhere on your look, you can opt to have a fabric flower on your shoes. Look at the examples below, aren’t they just pretty.
accessorize your weddingaccessorize your wedding

Image Source: Google

Big Pure Pearls Luxurious Love



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