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I don’t have a wedding today but don’t worry there’s always something to feast your eyes on Bontle.

I saw a style emerging late last year like a flower ready to blossom in a beautiful garden. Beautifully designed shweshwe dresses in olive green flooded the wedding aisle’s or should I say the street of mzansi. Shweshwe print plays an important role in traditional weddings especially if you’re Sotho or Tswana.

Brides glowed as they danced in the streets across the nation and we love it. I predict green shweshwe print to be the new blue shweshwe print. I know we’ll see more brides rocking this colour effortlessly as they say I do because it looks rather divine against the chocolate skin.

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5 Things To Consider Before Planning A Wedding in 2018

1.Beautiful photography: I’ve received many weddings that I simply can’t feature because the images were of poor quality and blurry. I wonder what on earth did the photographer use to take the images. A Nokia! lols

2.I would also like to see wedding suppliers/vendors who are responsible, have great customer service and care about their clients. I could go on and on about some of the emails I’ve received concerning bad customer service and behaviour (now I have to emphasise that it’s only a handful that gives the rest a bad name) it’s ridiculous.

3.Couples being themselves and having creative, personality-filled, gorgeous weddings without getting themselves into debt. Psst: I have a plan up my sleeve to help with this.

4.Massive bouquets are something you hardly ever see in African weddings. I think they’d look stunning with any dress.

5.I’d like to see more couples investing in buying their first homes together. It is senseless to spend thousands and thousands of rands on a wedding that lasts a couple of hours in a fancy venue and then you go back to renting or worst still to your parent’s house.

6.Couples getting married in unusual venues.

I guess what I’m trying to say is be yourself, work with a budget that suits you, honestly you don’t have to impress or prove anything to anyone. If people talk badly about your wedding, let them talk.They’re going to talk anyway. Do what’s best for you.PERIOD!


Image Credit: First Dress: TUELO NGUYUZA COLLECTIV

photographed by:  @StillsByTom

Bouquets: Green wedding shoes


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  1. Tumi says:

    I am getting married soon in April and thank you sooo very much with the tips😗

    1. Ika says:

      Thanks, Tumi, I hope we will get to see your wedding on Bontle. Good luck with everything and remember to enjoy the process.

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