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Umembeso With The Bride In A Hand Painted Umgwalo Dress

Meet Bridget and her husband. Although they have been married legally for five years they decided to have a traditional wedding to seal their vows. Bridget wore a stunning traditional hand-painted dress. The hand painting is called Umgwalo in Ndebele Culture and we love it.


How They Met
We first met at Church in 2005, there was no love interest from either of us. The years went by and we saw each other again in 2012 but there was something different. He then managed to find my BBM pin from a fellow church member and invited me on BBM. The more we had chats the more we developed a friendship and as much as we’re opposites, him being quiet and reserved and me being loud and outspoken, we were attracted to each other and a few months later we started dating. We got married in less than a year but didn’t have a wedding celebration until this year on our 5th Anniversary.

On the 31st of December 2012 as we were watching the fireworks outside He just said “Babe will you please be my wife” and I said “Ncooooh babes so sweet! Yes!!”
Bontle: Ah that’s so sweet<3

Umembeso With The Bride In A Hand Painted Umgwalo Dress

The Planning

Planning was really a challenge because we didn’t agree on a lot of things, he wanted something small, I wanted something massive. We started to agree on the last week because that’s when it kicked in that we were doing this! But overall we had fun planning and got to know each other even better.

The Suppliers
We used people we know and who are close to us.

One They’d Change
I’d change how I easily panicked to just remaining calm at all times.

We incorporated culture in all aspects. We had traditional Zulu dancers, our cakes were Ndebele and Zulu inspired and we did our Umembeso.

Favourite Moment
The most memorable moment was seeing my husband crying because of joy and a grateful heart. And having to honour our parents by exchanging gifts.

The Dress
I knew what type of design I wanted for a dress and went for it. I loved my dress it’s perfect.

Saves And Splurges
We spent most on the decor and catering. We saved on our attire and sound.

Future brides and grooms, plan carefully and cut costs where you can, enjoy the planning process and try to do things together.

We’re looking forward to love and forgiveness, more giving of each other, nursing our partnership and growing our family.

Photography: TWB video and photography 0721118036

Make-up: Beat by Gray 0604457700

Decor: Ghweni Decor and catering 0

Catering: Zikode catering 0835073763

Cake: Ninaz Gani 0786486037

Dress: Ndebele ladies from Midway Inn hotel and Mama Martha from KwaNdebele

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  1. Amina says:

    Hi.I reaĺy want the dress
    Can u pls send me the dressmaker no

    1. Ika says:

      Unfortunately, the bride did not leave a phone number but she said the dress was designed by Ndebele ladies from Midway Inn hotel and Mama Martha from KwaNdebele

  2. Zanele Magakoe says:

    The dress and decor looks beautiful, I love it

  3. sibhekaphi says:

    Woooow I love the dress and decor.And the bride’s maid amazing!!!!

    1. Ika says:

      thanks for stopping by lovely, love the dress too. Such talent

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