Gorgeous Zulu And Sotho Wedding


I couldn’t help but feel a little sad when I read through Mosa’s wedding journey. She hadn’t slept well the night before the wedding, the unwillingness of elders to cooperate with their plans made her feel as if they’ve ruined her plans and her mother fell ill on her wedding day.

However through all of that; their day turned out beautiful, considering that they planned it all in three months. I take my hat off to them.

Gorgeous Zulu And Sotho WeddingThe Love Story
I met my husband 5 years ago. His name is Gift (my gift). He knew me and I didn’t know him. He came to my house looking for me and I wasn’t home. My sister called me telling me there’s someone here looking for me. I was at work by that time and knocking off late around 9 pm, he said he will wait for me. He knew that I had a one-year-old baby boy from a previous relationship but I guess he always loved me since high school. I never noticed him back in the day. When I got home he was waiting for me and the first thing he said to me was; I’ve been waiting for this day for my whole life. I smiled… with no wasting time he told me he loves me and one day he will marry me… I laughed at him and said u just want to play me and that’s how we ended being in a relationship.Gorgeous Zulu And Sotho Wedding

The Proposal
A year later a letter was sent to my parents that his uncles will be coming on such a day for lobolo negotiations. It was on the 31st of December 2014 3days after the letter was sent, I don’t remember why exactly we were arguing and he kept on saying to me keep quiet and I kept on talking and talking and he was quiet holding that little ring box in his hand… I cried before he could say a word then he went down on one knee asked me to marry him…. I said YES.Gorgeous Zulu And Sotho Wedding

Gorgeous Zulu And Sotho WeddingThe Planning
I planned my wedding from on set. I did my deco since we own an events company. The whole experience was overwhelming and exciting at the same time. I didn’t have anyone to delegate it wasn’t easy but I’m glad I went through this.Gorgeous Zulu And Sotho Wedding

I wish I slept enough before my wedding day. My eyes were puffed up on the day… My mother got sick on that day and never saw the wedding in full. She was taken to a doctor, I so wanted her to see me, to be there.Gorgeous Zulu And Sotho Wedding

Tradition meets modern. I didn’t want to have a white wedding but it was always my dream to walk down the aisle with my dad beside me. Umembeso and mabo was the most important part of the ceremony.Gorgeous Zulu And Sotho Wedding

Gorgeous Zulu And Sotho WeddingMost Memorable Moment
My dad was my pillar of strength he was by my side. Walking down the aisle getting married to my man. Saying our vows.Gorgeous Zulu And Sotho Wedding

The Wedding Style
I had 3 outfits 1 for day 1 and 2 for day 2.
My dress had a touch of seshweshwe  since I’m Sotho and my second dress was white with Zulu beads and I have the full Zulu bride outfit with isidwaba

The Dress
Well, my dress was custom made. It was a skirt and a top. It was something different and I never thought it would work but it did.

To be quite honest we didn’t save for our wedding. After lobolo was finished elders said there was no time to waste anymore. The wedding must be on the 14 of April and lobolo was finished in December. We had only 3months to prepare and my husband is the only one who works. All I can say God is greatGorgeous Zulu And Sotho Wedding

One Big Lesson Learned

Sleep enough before the day of the wedding don’t stress too much I lost a lot of weight my dress was big when I tried it again. Pray enough, pray hard. Delegate and delegate to right people.

Looking Forward To
Happiness, loyalty, honesty, trust, a praying couple. I want to grow old with my husband.Gorgeous Zulu And Sotho Wedding

Photographer: Only child photographer
Venue: heavens gate wedding venue
Dress: Sir_ Anthony sa, Zulu_brides
Make-Up: noniemakeupguru
Suits: Sir_Anthony sa
Décor/Venue Styling: Mpilo events solutions
Cakes: hemingwaysjozi
And everyone else I might have left out.

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