A Bohemian Themed Wedding In An Ndebele Dress

Bontle Bride Magazine has made its debut. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I just said that. It has been rough and at times I was a little weary but look at God. You can get a copy here or at Post Link Shop 102 Flora Centre, Ontdekker Road, Roodepoort Johannesburg OR Saliwa-Mogale Bookstore, Newtown Junction Mall, 2nd Floor, opposite Edgars. I hope you will get a copy. Even if you’re not getting married it would make such an inexpensive engagement present for someone or just read it for leisure.A Bohemian Themed Wedding In An Ndebele Dress

Today’s wedding.
After the bride’s Ndebele dress, the proposal from this wedding will have you in tears if you’re a romantic. I think this proposal will go down in Bontle Bride’ history books as the best unless another man finds another creative way to pop the question.

The Love Story
We met at church, and I didn’t know his name for 3 months. We became close when I was involved in a smash and grab accident. He was one of the friends that helped me and we became close from there.

The Proposal.
Cries* He did an amazing race-themed engagement. He had me driving around the whole of Johannesburg looking for clues. Each clue card had a letter at the back of it. He asked me to put the cards together and they read “Will you marry me” in French(Blushing) When I looked up he was on bended knee.A Bohemian Themed Wedding In An Ndebele Dress

The Planning Process
It was very stressful. I felt like giving up most of the time but prayer kept me going…A Bohemian Themed Wedding In An Ndebele DressA Bohemian Themed Wedding In An Ndebele Dress

The Ndebele Dress
When I met Rina she was a lovely soul. I told her my ideas and some concepts. She drew up my idea and said she will add her creative flair to it .. before going to see the dress I was very nervous and anxious. When she opened the dress cover, I was in shock. She had made it even better than what I had imagined… I suddenly felt like everything would be fine. My mom and best friend were there with me and they were both equally impressed… I still love the dress and looking for ways I can alter it so I can wear it again. “That dress can’t only be worn once.”

The Suppliers
Because a lot of our deco was DIY my deco lady who’s a very special friend of mine and her husband chipped in and built most of our deco from scratch. Our friends and family also helped out and spent long nights painting, drilling and putting things together.

One They’d Change
Relax and enjoy every moment.. (I was stressing about everything)A Bohemian Themed Wedding In An Ndebele Dress

My wedding was a rustic bohemian theme. Besides my Ndebele dress, the wedding was more of an intimate signing celebration. Nothing too western with a touch of AfricaA Bohemian Themed Wedding In An Ndebele Dress

The Community
My community comprises of my friends and family. They did everything in their power to make the event beautiful.

Favourite Part Of The Wedding
When I walked down the aisle I saw a tear in my husband’s eye. He tried to hold it in but he couldn’t. Also hearing him say his vows.

A Bohemian Themed Wedding In An Ndebele Dress

A Bohemian Themed Wedding In An Ndebele Dress

My honeymoon. We had been so stressed throughout the wedding planning, we had to make sure we invest in the honeymoon. totally unrelated but yesss… That and the dress of course.

Advice to future brides and grooms.
Don’t try too hard to impress other people. Make sure that you never lose yourself in the process and always remember to prioritize your partner when conflict arises. It’s the both of you against the problem and not against each other. Try have fun while planning for the wedding.

A Bohemian Themed Wedding In An Ndebele Dress


Looking Forward To
Decorating my new home and lots of kinky time *Winks*

Venue: Accolades boutique
Dress: @richfactory
Make-Up: @deograciuosdube
Décor/Venue Styling: @nosiphoMdakae
Flowers: @bloomsandrosesavenue

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  1. Tas says:

    Good Day.
    I need some information on the blue patterned fabric used on your wedding dress. Please help!!!!

    1. Ika says:

      Hi Tas, I don’t know however the dress was Rich Factory. Please contact her directly

  2. Tasha says:

    Do you have a contact number or website I can contact your dress maker? I am in U.S. I would like a dress made if possible

    1. Ika says:

      Hi Tasha
      Her name is Rina. Please contact her on this number +27 78 686 1570 or via her instagram page @richfactory
      Best of luck, hope it all works out for you.

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