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A Family Centered, Love Filled Xhosa/Tswana Wedding

Tshego and her husband met 10years go. They got on as a house on fire; Tshego explained. She recalls them talking for hours on end at the beginning of their relationship and to this day, they still talk about any and everything in life. They often reminisce about their early years together and are thankful that even after all these years they fall for each other more and more every day. Here’s their story ENJOY!A Family Centered, Love Filled Xhosa/Tswana Wedding

The Proposal
🙆🏻‍♀🙈 There was actually no formal proposal, just a talk he started about taking our relationship to the next level, parents were then involved, the families met and that led to us finally being husband and wife.A Family Centered, Love Filled Xhosa/Tswana Wedding

The Suppliers
I was fortunate I didn’t have to lift a finger in this department hey. I have an awesome family, so my siblings and their wonderful spouses took care of everything, I only had to worry about the outfits.

A Family Centered Love Filled Xhosa/Tswana WeddingA Family Centered, Love Filled Xhosa/Tswana Wedding

One Thing They’d Change
Change? I’m not sure…. but if there’s anything I’d like to go back to is reliving that day every day 😍😍

Culture – of course, that’s what my wedding was… It was a traditional wedding, we infused the Xhosa culture in our wedding entourage’s outfits (which was the black and white umbaco) 😍😍and the venue was beautifully decorated in Setswana (which was the blue letoisi and white) on all the tables. To top all this we also had a live band “ditrompeta” for music… and of course, my second outfit was the blue letoisi with a white shirt…A Family Centered, Love Filled Xhosa/Tswana Wedding

Favourite Moment
The moment we had with the pastor while he blessed our union.A Family Centered, Love Filled Xhosa/Tswana Wedding

Look, I’m a simple girl and I didn’t want anything fancy or over the top. I wanted a clean look and of course to look great, 🙂🙂so I opted for black and white attire.A Family Centered, Love Filled Xhosa/Tswana Wedding

The Dress
😄😄The dress process neh! I wanted something gorgeous and traditional. It was a process indeed (from skirts to dresses; multiple cultures, you name it all) 😄luckily I have an awesome friend (Maddy) who helped me through the many designs that I liked which eventually led to the final dress. When I saw the final product I fell deeper in love but I didn’t cry 😄😄A Family Centered, Love Filled Xhosa/Tswana Wedding
Breathe, one step at a time. Brides should know that most of the preparations lie on you rather than the man. Men usually say, whatever you want baby…

Looking Forward To
Everything, experiencing life with my new family…


PS: Tshego is selling her dress. If interested in trying it on/ buying it, please contact her directly at 081 088 1972

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  1. lynne muchenje says:

    Beautiful story.. I am inspired,we are hosting our Xhosa and Shona wedding in September I can’t wait..

    Thank you for sharing your story

    1. Ika says:

      Yay Congratulations Lynee, we’d love to see it. Do please think about submitting.Best of Luck

  2. Sthabisile Mhlanga says:

    Perfect wedding,wonderful love story

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