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A Family-Centered Swati Wedding

I can’t explain the feeling I get every time I receive a wedding from someone who reads the blog. I feel as if I have won the lottery, EVERYTIME. This Swati wedding has been in my inbox for a couple of weeks. And although I forgot to download we-transfer link for the pictures, the bride was kind enough to resend it. Enjoy


How They Met
We were actually Facebook friends before we met physically. He was quite famous on Facebook and we had a lot of mutual friends eventually we became friends too.

And then one of his many friends who was still asking me out at the time invited me and a friend to his place for drinks. While we were there Eugene arrived with two other guys. When we saw each other we immediately recognized each other from Facebook and let’s just say after that Sunday afternoon I deleted his friend’s number and saved his instead. Although it took a while for us to officially date he did not give up, even when I gave him the runaround.

A Family-Centered Swati Wedding

Swati Wedding
Swati Wedding

The Proposal
Well after six years of dating we started having challenges and we decided to separate. It had been six months since we were apart that I received a phone call from him asking to see me. I must admit I was hesitant but still, I agreed. He was straight to the point at that meeting and said “I realized I can’t live without you and I will not even continue to try to live without you, please go home and think about being my wife. I have a letter that I would like to send to your parents. I’m just waiting for you to agree” and because I knew I still loved him and I too have been struggling to move on agreeing came naturally.

Swati Wedding

Did he pay lobola, if so can you tell us about the whole process?
Yes, he did pay Lobola, the whole process was nerve-wracking. I had a friend of mine who ended up separating from her partner because lobola negotiations did not go well. I was afraid of such happening, but both our families were supportive and extremely happy so everything went very well. His uncles came to my home on the 1st of September 2018 allowing us to immediately start planning our traditional wedding.

Swati Wedding

The Planning Process
Yhoo, it took a lot out of us, even though we knew what we wanted. Traditions and culture still needed to be followed. There were a lot of compromises between both families making sure we were happy. It was also very stressful when suppliers did not deliver the exact service we had initially agreed on and having to change suppliers when you’ve already paid the previous supplier. But it all came together eventually.

Was the community involved in helping with the wedding? If you please tell us more…
Yes, they were very helpful, from the Friday night before the wedding from peeling vegetables to cooking all meals and making sure all guests had food to eat and later helping to clean up.

Swati Wedding

Marriage is such a big deal, at what point did you know you were ready?
I knew the type of man he was when we met, and how he would make a perfect husband which is why I never gave up on us, and when he said those words I just knew it will work. Because he took the decision at a time when he could have any woman he wanted.

Tell us about your suppliers, how did you find them?. Would you say your suppliers delivered as promised?
I had great suppliers and the worst suppliers at the same time. I’m a lover of supporting black businesses but some of them were not what we expected or paid for.

Did you learn any lessons through your wedding journey? If so can you tell us of 3 lessons you’ve taken away based on your experience…

Yes, we learned to always pull towards each other no matter what wedding planning challenges you face, also when it comes to suppliers please get credible references to make sure what they say they can do is something they can actually do. What they say they have is something you have seen and touched, always keep proof of payments should anything happen to make sure you also have signed contracts.

Would you do it again?
Most definitely, I would marry my best friend over and over again just don’t want to be planning the whole thing …ha ha ha

What would you say to couples planning their wedding at the moment?
Don’t forget to have fun, what is supposed to happen will happen, stop stressing. I regret that I did not have a lot of fun because I kept stressing over things I could not change before I knew it the day had gone by.

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