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A Gorgeous Brazilian Styled Shoot

Good morning my loves. I have a gorgeous editorial from Brazil called Revérbero which is a Portuguese word meaning to produce something, a reflection, an image, shine, splendor, resplendence. The story behind the shoot touched me so much I had to share it. I am not surprised at all that there are many MANY parts of the world where black people are seen as less than other races however a change is coming. I aim to showcase that black couples get married too, whether, in white dresses or traditional attire, our weddings are beautiful and deserve to be seen everywhere. 

I will now hand over to Lilian so she can give us insight on the inspiration behind the shoot.

This project is the vision of singer Aline Ramos (@alineramoss), who observed that not only are black couples underrepresented in the bridal market but also that the inspiration Brazilian people share on social media is mainly from other countries. Unfortunately, Brazil is many steps behind South Africa and a couple of other countries when it comes to projecting and representing black people in society. So Aline decided to put together a team of people who are willing to support the project.


The couple that we chose for this first stage of the project is super special. They lead a running group (@prjctrun_ ) to encourage black people to exercise, live a healthier life and occupy the social spaces in São Paulo (the biggest metropolis in Brazil). They have 3 beautiful children together. One of them, also an athlete, was selected to play for a high school basketball team in North Carolina and left for America a week before the photoshoot.


However, despite the big family, Débora and Hamilton had never tied the knot with a ceremony, so it was a photoshoot / real wedding for them. Our photographer (@jeffssacra) wanted to bring the elements of street style and urban landscape into the pictures, so we chose Vila Maria Zélia to host the event, as it is a centenary village inside of São Paulo and played an important part in the process of industrialization housing for factory workers.

A huge thanks to Lilian and the entire team for putting this styled shoot together. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say, it is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the next part of the journey. Hopefully, in a few years, it will be the norm to see black Brazilian weddings take center stage and get the press they deserve. 



Bride: Débora Gonçalves @deborawstaylor

Groom: Hamilton de Souza @puro.pure

Singing and Project Idealization: Aline Ramos @alineramoss

Voice and guitar: Danilo Oliveira @dann_music

Wedding Planning and Project Execution: Lilian Rocha – Adéquat Eventos @adequateventos 

Photography and Project Execution: Jeffs Sacra @jeffssacra 

Venue: Vila Maria Zéli

Videography: Fabio Nomura @fabionomura 

Backstage pictures: Geisi Abondanza @geisiabondanza

Bridal dress: Lygia Dainesi – Lillah Dress @lillahdress

Bridal shoes: Orlando Pereira – Kila Calçados @kilacalcados

Makeup and Hair: Rebecca Orsida @rebeccaorsida 

Headpiece: Denise Nascimento – Tula Casqueteria @tulacasqueteria 

Groom’s Attire: Paris 8 @paris8_sp

Floral Design: Regina Helsen – Impart Flores e Eventos @impartfloreseeventos

Cake:Ana Elisa – Doce Ana @a_doceana

Food : Typical Brazilian (pamonhas): Pamonharia Dona Ziza @pamonhariadonaziza

Wedding Favors: Tuli – Estúdio Tatu @estudio_tatu



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  1. Lilian Rocha says:

    Thanks for the feature and for your kindness, Ika!

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