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A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

I’m super excited to be featuring this gorgeous Eastern Cape wedding today.

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A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

The Love Story
We met at the graduation party of two of our friends. We danced for a while, she better than me, and got to talking. We both felt that there was an instant connection and attraction.A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

The Proposal
We were going to go hike along the crystal pools route and once we reached the peak of the mountain, I distracted her with the view, pulled out the ring I had pocketed in the spur of the moment as we left, got on one knee and waited for her to turn. When she did, I immediately asked for her to be my wife and she almost fell over from surprise down the side of the mountain. It was a total surprise to her, but she said yes on the spot and we descended the mountain as an engaged couple.A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

The Planning Process
Since we decided to have our wedding celebrations in deep rural Eastern Cape, the planning process was insanely stressful. Finding reliable suppliers was a nightmare, the costs were ridiculous, and getting what we really wanted proved to be very difficult.A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

One Thing They’d Changed
Control the weather, lol. We would have the reception in a tent. Eastern Cape weather changed on us as if we were back home in CPT. It’d been raining (thunder and storm) since we’d arrived a week before the wedding, but come the wedding day the sun came out to play, by lunchtime, the sun was at its peak and roasting all the guests.A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

We had a modern Xhosa Wedding. We and our guests travelled to the Eastern, where we had the welcoming of the wedding party the day before and the groom’s family was welcomed to the bride’s family with the slaughtering of a sheep. The following day was the wedding day, filled with song and ululation.A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

Most Memorable Moment
Groom: Cutting of the cake was the most memorable for me, because how we fed each other pieces of the cake. She walked around with a few crumbs of cake on her cheek for the next half hour and it made me smile the whole time. Eventually, I took pity on her and wiped them off for her. They tasted wonderful 😀
Bride: Our first dance was the most magical moment for me. We spoke about the moment a few times and before we knew it, it was D-Day and we had not taken any classes or practised at home. But when that song started playing (La Sauce – I Do) we forgot about everyone and everything else; it was just us two. We sang, laughed and could not stop smiling and looking at each other. A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding The Wedding Style:
I had two dresses: a ‘white’ dress for the ceremony and a modern traditional dress for the reception. The ceremony dress was a gift from my mother-in-law, it was love at first sight. I liked that it was different to what everyone is doing nowadays and that it was champagne and not white. We made a couple of adjustments (removed the straps and added the subtle detail in the breast line) to the dress to suit my style.

My traditional dress had to be modern, it’s the fabrics (umbaco and shweshwe) used that made it traditional. It was inspired by a Pinterest post. I had been looking for a while and wasn’t finding anything that I liked, but when I came across that post, I knew I had found my dress.A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

Save and Splashes:
Our biggest saving was on venue costs. All the celebrations took place at my mom’s house. A huge sum of the costs was for the reception. Because the wedding took place in a village in the Eastern Cape, it meant we were limited to suppliers and had to pay a lot on delivery costs.A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

As our mates, who’d gotten married two years ago advised us when we started planning our wedding: Don’t forget why you are doing this (getting married), during planning, going to work, finances, family drama and trying to also just make time for each other. It can get very daunting or overwhelming. You love each other THAT much that you are willing to do this. It won’t be easy until from here until the day of your wedding, but just hold on to each other, rely on each other, and most importantly: remember why you are doing this. You two are the most important thing throughout all of this.A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

Looking forward to:
Making and sharing more memories together and challenging each other to grow as individuals and as a couple. A Gorgeous Eastern Cape Wedding

The Creatives:

Photographer: Werner of Werner Bentz Photography
Make-Up: My sister, Tanya Ndida of TNT Rush Events [email protected] (insta – ayabulelandida)
Suits: Groom’s Tux – Euro Suite Canal Walk 021 555 3538 (please contact them beforehand)
Décor/Venue Styling: TNT Rush Events (Design, Concept & Event Management) and Umvini Umtata (décor hire & set-up)
Flowers & Catering: Umvini Umtata
Cakes: Quinton and his partner at Alpine Bed & Breakfast 045 932 1639
These guys saved our bacon. They took our brief for the cakes 3 or 4 days before the wedding. They delivered on time, and the cakes were great
Loyd of Son & Loyd – PA system, Mobile Fridge hire, and ablutions 078 750 2026

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