A Gorgeous Lesotho Wedding

Happy New month everyone. Let’s make it count.! Lesotho is one of the places on my bucket list to visit so when I received a wedding from there I was like yes! Confirmation lol. It is such a beautiful country.

I received a lot of photos from this gorgeous Lesotho wedding and picking the ones to publish was tough… However, I think I’ve done an excellent job, if I may say so myself. ENJOY

We met through Phole’s colleague. They had visited my workplace and he was not there. When his colleagues got back home, they told him about a girl they met they think would suit him. They then called me using his phone and we decided to meet when I got back home. We started dating from then on. What is unique about our relationship is that we both made a decision to love each other. There were no fireworks, no butterflies, but a mutual decision to see where this takes us. It is because of that mutual decision and pact we made that we are here today. So when the sparks die out and the curtain closes, our relationship will still remain solid.A Gorgeous Lesotho Wedding

ProposalIt was in June 2017 when he simply said to me, “I’m sending my uncle’s to your place” in Sesotho that’s when a man asks for your hand in marriage. His uncles went and when the lobola negotiations were concluded, he then planned a surprise proposal the evening of my bridal shower. After the bridal shower, my friends decided we should go to a “restaurant opening” but I shouldn’t change. I was oblivious to the fact that it was planned. As we were sitting waiting for drinks, “Perfect by Ed Sheeran” started playing in the background and he came out singing for me. After the song, he knelt on one knee, took out the ring and proposed. Of course, I said yes.A Gorgeous Lesotho Wedding

The PlanningWe literally planned my wedding from the beginning to the end with my mum. We knew we wanted an indoor venue with food, cutlery and crockery and all other basics. The only logical place was the Maseru Avani Hotel considering we had more than 300 guests. My mum and I were sure we didn’t want to worry about the food burning hence the hotel was an obvious option. We had a diary where we wrote down everything for the wedding, vendors, guest list, to do lists, payments made and payments due. The hotel and the diary made the planning phase very smooth. Our only frustration was people who did not RSVP. The hotel was strict on the number of people. We had to know the exact number of people who were attending the wedding.A Gorgeous Lesotho Wedding

There are things which I wanted and paid for, for my wedding which were not delivered however when I saw the final product…without those particulars, I was still impressed anyway, hence I let them slide because my mum and I were the only ones who knew about them but we were still happy with the final product we got anyway.

Culture: First, we wanted to dress up at the hotel but in Sesotho, a girl is supposed to walk out from home (parents house), not anywhere else. So we dressed up at home. There was an outfit change into our traditional seshoeshoe attire during the wedding. The family needs to see dresses with the same cloth and it’s called “Paka”. It shows unity in the family, how proud the family is and the support they have for their girl child being married.A Gorgeous Lesotho Wedding

Favourite Moments: For me, it was when the performer Mosito Sentso had everyone on their feet singing along to his songs. Some people began even climbing up onto the stage to sing and dance with him. I’ve always known that I would rate my wedding a success if people have fun. All I ever wanted for my wedding was for people to have fun at my wedding. That moment when everyone was on their feet dancing and singing along got me in a good way.A Gorgeous Lesotho Wedding

Wedding style: I didn’t have a theme colour for the wedding. I wanted crystal white in the venue and the only colour was to be the lights and flowers. The lights were to add the colour to the white table decor and crystal chairs. I knew I wanted a floral wedding with candles. My decor was flowers and high-intensity lighting in the room which was to be complemented by the candles to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

Wedding dress: My dress is a very funny story. We travelled all the way to Johannesburg and Bloemfontein bridal shops looking for the perfect dress. Most of the bridal shops in Johannesburg did not have what I wanted and most of the shops had small sized dresses that didn’t fit me. My aunt then told me about a bridal shop in Lesotho Khubetsoana. I was sceptical but time was running out. I went and showed The lady what I wanted and prayed to God that she executes my vision right. The first fitting I was impressed already, I even got emotional when thinking about it. She executed my vision to the brimA Gorgeous Lesotho Wedding

My biggest investment was the photography. If there was something that we were not going to compromise on was the photos because they will be the only memory we will have left of the wedding even when people have forgotten about it. We did not regret the service provider we got. They delivered to the T*

We saved on a lot of things. Some of the decor was DIY like the welcome boards and the table numbers. The ribbons on the wedding favours were also DIY.A Gorgeous Lesotho Wedding

A Gorgeous Lesotho WeddingA Gorgeous Lesotho WeddingAdvice: Plan your wedding on time. Pay your vendors deposits well in time because as the wedding day approaches, too many small errands come up and before you know it, there will be no money and you will not have paid your vendors. Relax and don’t panic and don’t leave things to the last minute. I was a very relaxed bride. People couldn’t believe I was getting married. There was never any running around or Las minute errands because I did things on time. Brides, sleep early the night of the wedding so you can get adequate sleep. I got my whole 8 hours sleep and I woke up in time and refreshed. Also, wake up on time on your wedding day. You o may have 1 wedding day and you don’t want to be rushed through it. I knew I wanted a smooth sailing on time wedding without being rushed and being pressed for time. Don’t be that bride that says it’s my wedding and people will wait for you…you will have a miserable rushed wedding and you don’t want that. You want to go through the steps of your wedding swiftlyA Gorgeous Lesotho WeddingA Gorgeous Lesotho Wedding

I’m looking forward to owning my own place. I’ve always lived at home so you can imagine the excitement of starting a new home and owning your own space. Space that you can do anything with.A Gorgeous Lesotho Wedding

The Creative’
Photographer: Meyer and Rene Photography +27823989564 [email protected] http://www.meyerandrene.com/
Venue: Maseru Avani Hotel [email protected] +266 2231 2434
Wedding Gown: Dream weddings DLM Complex, Ha Mabote, Maseru Lesotho +26659040018 @dream weddings on Facebook
Hair: Litsoanelo Pebane +26658043424 @tsoanyb on Instagram
Bouquets: Napo Kalebe +26659748568 @napokalebe on Instagram
Makeup: Lerato Mokete @leratomankukile on instagram +27714876383
Venue Decor and flowers: Mathabang Molise +26658833079 @Queenlizzzzy on Instagram
Lights: Refiloe Mokuoane +26656043035 @Mokuoane on Instagram
Suits: Alison
Bridesmaids Dresses: Kuena Moshoeshoe +26659490779 @henryhelen_Kuena on Instagram
Pink Saturday Seshoeshoe: House of Hannah 68608373 @house_of_hannah
Performance:Mosito Sentso +26657055860

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