A Gorgeous Rustic Chic Themed Wedding

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“Because this was the first wedding in my family from generation and the first amongst my friends, I wanted everyone to be involved,” said
Kamogelo. I think it’s quite sweet that Kamo involved everyone at the wedding. Families and Friends are the people that stick with us even after the wedding guests have had their fun and parted to their homes.

Kamogelo and her hubby wanted a Rustic Chic Themed Wedding. They celebrated their wedding on a farm with surroundings that fit perfectly with their theme. Their planning journey wasn’t easy( as it isn’t with many couples) however they drew strength from each other and fought to make it to the altar and they did it a rather elegant way.

The Love Journey
We met about 4 years ago at a party. I knew his friends and we were introduced. It was very casual and from my side, it was not anything serious, I didn’t know I was actually meeting the love of my life. A week later one of his friends whatsapped me and asked me if I remembered his friend that he introduced me to and if he could forward him my number. I said, “yeah sure”. Later on that day, he called me just to reintroduce himself (what a gentleman). Bontle Bride: A gent indeed!

He then told he was away playing a rugby tournament and he would like to chat some more via text as we would be busy. I remember it was a Sunday afternoon because I was studying for an exam. We literally chatted via text from the afternoon to the early hours of the morning. After that, he took me on few amazing dates. He always made feel super special and he put a lot of effort into these dates. I felt like I was on Bachelor. Ever since then he has been wooh’ing me. Reminding me and making me feel like the Queen that I am and the rest is history.

A Gorgeous Rustic Chic Themed Wedding

The Proposal.
It was my 25th birthday weekend and he took me away to Sun City for the weekend. But we first stopped at a spa just outside of Sun City. Where he booked me in for a spa day and he went to check-in. After my spa treatments, the plan was to go back to Sun City, go out to dinner and then go out for drinks afterwards. We had a romantic lovely dinner and we actually got into a silly argument during dinner (lol, your normal couple banter nothing serious). He told me he had forgotten his wallet in our hotel room so he said to wait there as he went back to fetch it. In mind, I was like Sun City is big, so why don’t I just go to the room with him so I can change for drinks later and we could come back to the restaurant settle our dinner bill & go straight for drinks. So I caught up with him and as we got to the hotel room he asked me to open the door. To my surprise, the room had candles and rose petals all over, with boys II men playing in the background. And on the bed, the rose petals read “Say Yes”. He took out the ring and asked me to marry him. I was crying and screaming and of course, I said “YES”. It was beautiful one of the best nights of my life.

The Planning
This was the most stressful times in my life. You literally have to manage so many components from family to suppliers to money. I’m super grateful that I had the wedding of my dreams. But I would never want to do it again.

The Suppliers

I wanted to use black suppliers for my wedding and I did. But it was such a challenge finding quality suppliers that don’t charge an arm and leg. Or the quality wasn’t up to my standard but they are charging the same great quality as white companies. But eventually, I found a great group of suppliers that I think did a great job.

We had our Labola ceremonies last year. The night before my white wedding my family slaughtered a sheep for me as the bride. The morning of our white wedding my family welcomed my husband’s family and his family gave us gifts and my family presented their family with a sheep which was slaughtered that day. The following weekend after my white wedding my family took me to my new family home and we had a traditional wedding celebration.

Favourite Moment
After all the drama of planning a wedding and getting ready on time (lol which didn’t happen, I was an hour late). The best part was having my father walk me down the aisle and handing me over to the man of my dreams. Knowing that this is the moment my husband and I fought for. I was finally going to be his wife. It was magical.

The Dress
I made appointments at a few companies to get a feel for what’s out there. I started at Euro Bride and I tried on a few dresses and they just weren’t working out. I saw my dress by mistake, I asked to try it on & it was love at first sight. I made a decision there and then and I cancelled all my other appointments.

Saves and Splurges
Our reception area was a big investment but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. We saved on alcohol by serving 5 different signature cocktails, it illuminated wasting and we could manage the consumption.

It’s your wedding and you should always remember that. Don’t let other people perspectives and opinions come between you. You need to stick together as a couple and know that it’s all about you two.
Communication is so important, regularly check in with each other from an emotional aspect as the wedding planning will take over your lives.
Be hands-on, but also be able to delegate. You can’t do everything yourself.
Always do things in a respectful manner and people will respect your union.
Be practical in terms of your expectations for your wedding, if you can’t afford it cut it out.
Lastly and most importantly, the day properly won’t be perfect and things will go wrong but always remember to enjoy the day and live in the moment because you can’t redo it and it goes by so fast.

Looking Forward To:
I’m excited about building our lives together from our home, our careers, our relationship with God and our family (not building that anytime soon). Bontle Bride: lol take your time 🙂 But the possibilities are endless of what we can do as one. I’m also excited to just focus on the two us and to be in our little bubble, especially after dealing with so many stakeholders during our wedding planning.

Photographer: ilivv Photography
Venue: At The Rocks Lodge
Dress: White dress – Euro Bride &
Traditional dresses – Legally Red Bride
Make-Up: Make-Up By Lima
Suits: Antonio Ambrosio
Décor/Venue Styling: Ragadi Motloba Events
Flowers: Ragadi Motloba Events

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