A Gorgeous Wedding With The Bride In Green Shweshwe

Good morning my sweet loves. I hope you’re enjoying the last day of the long weekend. I’ve had such fun spending time with my loved ones and I hope your weekend was fun too.

Weddings are such fun celebrations. Starting a new life with your other half is exciting. However, planning is often exhausting and time-consuming. I’ve dedicated myself to bringing you the kind of content that will inspire you and information about the suppliers at the end of every post in case you want to use them for your very own wedding.

The bride wears a green custom made shweshwe dress in today’s wedding. Do you remember a couple of years ago when blue was the only shweshwe print that you’d see on Instagram? Things have definitely changed. It looks like green shweshwe is here to stay. We are loving every dress in this print. Move over blue here comes the green shweshwe in all its glory.

The Love Story
We first met in 2010 while we were still students at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). I was with my friend on our way to Pick n Pay. We were the last customers to be let in by the security guard as the shop was about to be closed. He was also with his friend just right behind us; so we asked the security guard to also allow them in and my friend said they owed us chocolates for the favour we did for them. We left the store and they bought us the chocolates. That was the last time we spoke but I saw the way he looked at me which was very cute and I liked it. I saw him again at a University Spring event and that’s when he got my cell number and we started talking from then; he really tried for a couple of times to get me to go on a date with him but I kept on refusing even though I also liked him. We eventually started seeing each other the following year in 2011 when we were both working.

The Proposal
I planned a 30th Birthday celebration for him at a beach themed restaurant in Benoni, Gauteng, Ciello with his friends but he surprisingly felt it was also a good opportunity for him to pop the question just before the party started.

He asked one of his close friends to capture the moment. I found it so sweet and romantic because he dedicated a day that was meant for him to taking our relationship to the next step and we had more to celebrate on the day

The Lobola
Yes, he did pay Lobola. He is originally from the Eastern Cape and I am from Johannesburg, so he went home one long weekend and when he came back on Monday he sent a letter to my family. This was a week before he proposed. The proposal was totally unexpected. The Lobola process was very smooth as his uncles have been to my family before when they had to pay damages for our only child so far; so this day was more like picking up from what was left of the last time.

The Planning
The planning process was a bit complicated in the beginning. Once we knew what we needed to do in order to respect both families; everything started to become easy.

Marriage is such a big deal, at what point did you know you were ready.
Even though we have been together for a long time; every day seems new to us and, so this was proof that we can be together in marriage. He is a man that knows what he wants and actually always puts in the work to get it. This has been constant in our relationship and I draw so much from that strength and he always motivates me to be the best I can be.

The Supplier
I follow a group on Facebook called Brownsense which promotes black businesses and found the majority of my suppliers on the group which made it so easy for us. All suppliers have been reliable and very professional in their business. It was a breeze to work with them.

Décor& Catering : @kaymela Events

Photography: @Ravele Photography

Cake: Supa Cakes Germiston

Green Shweshwe dress: @solanga

Make Up: I did my own make up

Lessons Learned
A) Always stick to your budget
B) Only you know what you want and how it should be done; don’t allow outsiders to doubt your choice or your moves
C) Always remember the end goal is to leave with a husband/wife, so the last thing you want is to argue with your partner when planning, it is both your day nothing will happen if you are not happy with each other.

We would definitely do it again. The day went by so quickly and everyone we loved was there present so we couldn’t even mingle with every single person. The families were so happy with everything and everyone enjoyed the wedding.

Advice to couples planning their wedding is to take their time in planning for their ideal wedding day. Don’t be so consumed with making everything perfect that you forget the most important thing which is your partner, family, and friends.

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  1. Plantina Tsholofelo Mokone says:

    Zoe is such a beautiful person. She was an equally beautiful bride. Wishing her and her husband an amazing marriage.

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