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A Radiant Zulu Bride For A Vryheid Traditional Wedding

zulu bride

zulu bride5It’s been raining non-stop this weekend and for a moment it felt like I was somewhere in Brazil in the middle of the rain forest. So when the sun decided to make a brief appearance(short lived) I took full advantage and took my kids out. I’m glad we went up the road and didn’t spend on outdoor activities otherwise we would’ve been stuck in an amusement park with rain pouring down.

Anyway, I hope your weekend was better than mine. I know it’s cold in SA at the moment so I hope you keep warm. On to today, I’ve a radiant Zulu bride with such a gorgeous smile, you can’t help but smile as well. It’s wonderful to see more and more brides embrace their heritage.zulu bridezulu bride

From Kwanda Photography
Every time I photograph a wedding, I look around and see tell-tale signs of all the vigorous planning that goes into this one event. I have the utmost respect for the bride and grooms who plan their own weddings! The union of Nokuthula and Given was no different. It was a beautiful day of joy, laughter and happiness. The clouds were looming over our heads, providing cover from the sun’s warm embrace.

The guys were looking snazzy and the ladies ever so elegant. One thing I have observed with all the weddings that I have photographed is that the simpler you keep it, the better. If you have fewer moving parts, fewer logistics and fewer details to the day, less things are likely to go “south”! After all, the most important thing is the bride, the groom, the family and of course good music in this case!

The venue was very accommodating and spacious. It provided us with ample photo opportunities. A venue that caters for your matrimonial session and reception all at the same time is not only a time-saver, but it also minimises planning and logistics. As you can see from the attached images that we had fun and the celebration of Nokuthula and Given’s wedding, was one Vryheid would remember for a long time.

A Radiant Zulu Bridezulu bride4zulu bride5

Zulu bride presenting gifts to  in-laws.zulu bride7zulu bride8zulu bride6Zulu bride9

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    Beautiful loved her dress n the wedding

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