A Rustic Soweto Wedding

Happy new year precious ones. I hope you rested well during the Christmas period. I would like to say thank you for your continued support. Without you my precious readers Bontle Bride would not be what it is today. During the holiday season I took time to reflect on the blog. I came up with a few things that I would love to do this year. It has been a long time coming and I think taking the blog in a different direction was only inevitable.

Traditional weddings will always be the core of this blog but this year I will be adding white weddings as well. Good quality images will be a priority regarding features. There will be planning ideas, tips and all round awesomeness. I’ll be revealing all other things happening in the next couple of weeks. So please stick around.

Moving on to today, this Soweto wedding was sent to me by Boikhutso. What a lovely name. She and her husband met at Maponya mall in Soweto. They exchanged numbers and the rest as they say is history. ENJOY!


A Rustic Soweto WeddingHow did you meet?

We met 12 October 2010 at Maponya Mall. I was at a shop buying shoes as I was attending a function that I didn’t even go to because of his charming giggles. He followed me and asked for my contacts. He called me to say can we meet at Maponya Mall and the rest is history.A Rustic Soweto Wedding

Did he pay lobola, if so can you tell us about the whole process?

July 2013 his elders sent a letter to start the lobola negotiations. On the letter they asked my parents which month was suitable; August or September and guess what September was chosen; my birthday month. Both our families came to an agreement.

A Rustic Soweto Wedding

 A Rustic Soweto Wedding

A Rustic Soweto WeddingHow did you find the planning process?

The Process began in September 2017 after the Lobola was finished. The date was set for 8 & 9 Dec 2018 which was  weird. There is something special about that date. I was born on the 08 September and us choosing the 08 number was a God Given Date and if you can check 08.12 if you swap it around = 2018 definitely was our year I must say ☺ GOD

How did he propose?

I was from church, and we were meeting by his house. When I arrived there, he said we were going for lunch. This was in June 2013, but he had been saying in words that one day I will be his forever. We got to Moyo’s Melrose arch, had lunch then dessert. The dessert was in a closed bowl. When the waiter opened it there was a ring inside it. He knelled down to say Boikhutso can you please make me the happiest man in the world, tears coming down my face, I said Yes YesA Rustic Soweto Wedding

Marriage is such a big deal; at what point did you know you were ready?

After his Proposal I was like this is really happening let God lead the way, and he’s also a believer.

Would you do it again? With a Big YES if money allows.A Rustic Soweto Wedding

What would you say to couples planning their wedding at the moment? Search for right suppliers. Ask around. Don’t compare weddings. Do what you and your partner like. Save and do what works according to budget. The main journey begins after the wedding.

Deco – Events Furniture Warehouse (Other name Blissful beginning on Instagram 081 260 8536)

Catering – Flavaful (Sekkie 081 356 8679)

Extra Deco – Entle Beautiful Creations (Refilwe 084 810 3517)

Cake – Juanita 072 072 7265 DJ –

RM Sound (Robby 072 229 2036 Video – Mlu Video 084 669 1786

Outfits – House of Conee 072 772 3311

Photographer – De Paiva Photographer 082 568 7356

Make up – Khethiwe 076 666 8009

Mobile Toilet and Fridge – Bafana 083 530 7007

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