A Seriously Stunning Modern Sesotho Wedding

A Seriously Stunning Modern Sesotho Wedding


Morning my loves. I’m sure you think I’ve neglected this space but I’ve been busy with the magazine. I’ve not had time to post anything on here. I don’t promise to suddenly return to posting every week, however, I’ll try my best. The publishing business isn’t easy yhoo! Had I known the huddles and hoops I’d have to face starting Bontle Bride Magazine, I wouldn’t have started. But now I’m in too deep, I might as well finish.


For today though here’s a Sesotho wedding for you to enjoy. The proposal story is ABSOLUTELY DIVINE. I literally felt goosebumps. Maybe Pisto should start something to teach groom-to-be how it’s done.


The Love Story
We met at University of Cape Town. In 2008 we were not as close; my memory is a bit faded and unclear, from Pitso’s side he told me that he was already eyeing me at that time. Pitso claims I used to sing a certain song Gym Class Heroes: Cookie Jar ft. The-Dream all the time in our first year. I remember I used to love that song.

The second year we became close friends; I was struggling with a certain course and felt an urge of reaching out for help to Pitso. That is where it all began in 2008, when we both realized we have the same interests and hobbies, for example, hiking and travelling. We eventually fell in love. We both started as just being best friends to ending up as more than best friends.A Seriously Stunning Modern Sesotho Wedding

A Seriously Stunning Modern Sesotho Wedding A Seriously Stunning Modern Sesotho Wedding A Seriously Stunning Modern Sesotho Wedding

The Proposal
On the 11th of March, both Pitso and I had planned to watch the Blue man group Show at Monte Casino like we usually do with live shows. When we got there I was surprised!!. Before the show started, there was an announcement that we had to stand up and wave hello to the rest of the audience. I initially thought it was a comedy show and random people were made to stand and wave hello. As I was about to sit down, he went down on his knees and proposed. This was the best surprise he did for me that topped the one he did for my birthday when we first met.


The Suppliers/Vendors
Both attires were designed by shifting sands. We already had an idea of the kind of design we were going for. For both the décor and attires we found them through the Wedding expo in Joburg. The décor for day 1 was done by Tentworx and for day 2 it was done by Tina’s catering services company based at Kroonpark Resort.

The cake was made by Cake Extreme. The idea of the cake came from the wedding expo. Our families provided significant support with regard to the catering services for both days.


The wedding began on Friday evening, my family received gifts from Pitso’s family. The day included the slaughtering of sheep and lobola conclusions.

A Seriously Stunning Modern Sesotho Wedding Day 2

A Seriously Stunning Modern Sesotho Wedding A Seriously Stunning Modern Sesotho Wedding Favourite Part Of The Day
When Pitso looked at me and said I looked beautiful and held my hand.


The Wedding Style
Shweshwe traditional wedding with a pinch of other cultures.


The Dress
My dresses inspiration was from the internet(Isidingo traditional wedding). When we sat down with Sanet of Shifting sands she had an idea of the type of dress I wanted. She was excited to make the dresses since she was the original designer of the Lerato from Isidingo traditional wedding dress.A Seriously Stunning Modern Sesotho Wedding

Biggest Savings
We saved on the venue. We got married at home.A Seriously Stunning Modern Sesotho Wedding

Wedded Words Of Wisdom
Delegation is important, your family will always support you and at the same time, it is important to make sure you follow up. Also, you must know what you want or have an idea, otherwise people will sell you their own ideas, especially the deco companies, it is in their best interest to provide you with what they have in stock and not what you want.


Looking Forward To
Being part one big family now since I am from a small family.A Seriously Stunning Modern Sesotho Wedding

Photographer: Henry Isaacs The theatre experience
Website, Stationary and designs: Blackie Dee Designs
Venue: Mamelodi(Day1) and Cornelia(Day 2)
Dress: Shifting sands
Make-Up: Tshepiso Serote (Instagram @Tshepiserote )
Suits: Shifting sands
Décor/Venue Styling: Tentworx (Day1) & Tina’s catering services (Day 2)
Flowers: TentWorx
Cake: Cake Extreme
Food: Tina’s catering services

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  1. Indeed a very stunning wedding! This is really good. Congratulations to the couple

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