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A Sesotho And Korean Wedding

“We met in the Free State, in town and he says he was immediately drawn to me, my assertive and deep voice was so attractive that he had to be sneaky in getting my numbers, two months later we went out as “friends” and we were inseparable from then on.”

“The proposal was interesting. I think I had woken up on the wrong side of the bed .. hahaha … In the morning I went to buy his Christmas present, however, during the day I got upset with him for some reason and was not talking to him for hours. Long story short, later that night I was feeling better and had cooked up his favourite meal and told him that I bought him a Christmas gift, after dinner while in my basic dress and hair, no make-up, just chilling on the couch watching a movie. He went out to his car and gave me a bunch of flowers and my Christmas gift which I was not expecting… but there was more, in short, it involved flowers, candles, his favourite meal, a love letter, tears from both parties and a very enthusiastic YES from me”

“I am a South African Sotho lady, and my husband is from South Korea. There are a few similarities when it comes to how weddings are celebrated in both cultures. White wedding celebrations are very similar, however traditional weddings are different. Nowadays Koreans opt for white wedding ceremonies as opposed to traditional weddings. I promise I’m not making this up. What surprised my in-laws the most (although they were warned..lol) about the preparation that goes into the Sesotho wedding ceremony and what happens on the day, is how busy it gets, from the family cutting vegetables in the garage, to sheep being slaughtered, to the uncles or anybody for that matter that comes to the house ululating, singing and dancing, the stretch tent being put up, the smell of ginger beer and biscuits, my aunts cooking tripe (malamohodu – which is what we fed them) in big black traditional pots over an open fire. And on the day of the wedding, it was the duration of the ceremony that surprised them, whereas they are used to wedding ceremonies being conducted within 2 hours maximum, hahahaha…not in South Africa papa, here we take our time hahahahaha…”

“We have many favourite moments but the ones that stand out were when my in-laws arrived in South Africa from South Korea. They arrived on a Thursday. For them to be present and to meet my family was the most important thing for us.”

“My dad walking me down the aisle was my number one favorite part of the wedding day. Our vows brought me to snotty, ugly face tears, and what took the trophy was when my family had a little performance, a traditional Sotho song was played and they came out in Sotho blankets and hats.”

“They clothed the Korean family in Sotho blankets, and hats for the men and we all danced together. My husband’s take to the dance floor was the most epic :). For them to experience how we celebrate, dance, sing, and have that essence of being welcomed into the Sekhoto Family was a liberating experience.”

“My husband says he knew from the beginning that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, as for me I knew a month after we started dating. It wasn’t a matter of chasing “marriage,” but we both knew how much in sync we were and life without the other would be unsurpassed, and the only way to be together was to do things right.”

“Book your vendors on time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Know what you want (theme of the wedding, photography style, etc.), that will give you direction and narrow things down to make finding vendors easier. Respect and Honour your immediate family, they will be the ones still standing when everyone else has thrown in the towel and has had enough of your tantrums because trust me there will be stress now and again.

Go with the flow – things will undoubtedly go “wrong”, but in almost all cases, none of your guests will know. By going into the day expecting a few things to go wrong but willing (and prepared!) to go with the flow, you’ll be far less scattered when things happen. Have a budget and stick to it, you don’t want to spend more than what you had planned for, or spend less than what you could have.”

A big thanks to Emma and her hubby for sharing their wedding journey. If you loved this wedding you’ll adore this one, click here!!!

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