A Stunning Kagiso Wedding

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I’m excited to share today’s wedding from Kagiso, Krugersdorp. Kagiso is such a place because I spend most of my childhood there. I remember seeing street weddings and being mesmerized by all the festivities. Little did I know years later I’d be writing about them. How strange!

This couple had a blast at their wedding. It shows in the pictures. ENJOY…

“We met at Wits University. I was in my second year and he was in his third year. We had both joined the house committees in our respective residences and his house committee arranged a “mingle” with our house committee. I still remember that day so clearly. It was a Friday evening and we had all come from a dinner party. We quickly went back to res to change and I wore my tightest leather pants and went to the mingle. It was a jungle. Lol. But we noticed each other and as they say, the rest is history.”

“I was coming back from work on a Friday afternoon when he proposed. He asked me to meet him at Velmore Hotel in Centurion to celebrate our 6th anniversary. Straight from work, I drove to Centurion in my jeans and a plain white t-shirt only to arrive to a candlelight dinner at the hotel. I was shocked because I was not given a brief that we were going for a romantic dinner.

I begged him to go and change into something more suitable for the occasion and he kept saying I looked fine (which I knew very well I didn’t). After begging and pleading, he accompanied me to our room for the night and as I walked in the room, I was met by an arrangement of flowers that read: “Will you marry me?”. As I turned around, I found my man on his knees. And obviously, I said YES! The next day, his family delivered the letter to my mother before I could show her the ring. It was perfect.”

“Planning the wedding was not as stressful as I thought it would have been. We had a lot of support from both our families and friends and so I could rely on different people to help with the planning. I enjoyed planning our day, which was planned in only 2 and a half months!”

“The best part of the day was when I arrived at my new family home. They welcomed me most beautifully.

“By God’s grace I did not have any family drama before and after our wedding. Everyone just got along.

I love my in-laws. I am blessed with an amazing mother in law, who I regard as my mother. We have a phenomenal relationship. In fact, I can’t say there is someone that I don’t get along with my inlaws and my husband can say the same with my family.

The advice that I will forever cherish is from my family and his family is:
1) Respect one another
2) Don’t stop dating.”

“My suppliers were awesome but there were disappointments in the process. Like both my cakes melting on their way to delivery to my house :/. Most of the suppliers I found on Instagram. My top suppliers were the following:

Venue: Day 1 was at my house in Kagiso and Day 2 was at my husband’s family home in Meadowlands. At first, I didn’t want to have a “street” wedding but man this was the best decision. I didn’t have venue restrictions and I had a blast and so did my guests.

Videography: Take A Pic Productions. These guys were incredible! I can’t stop raving about them. They arrived on time for both days, provided exceptional service, and also provided updates about how far they were with the video after the wedding. #BlackExcellence

Photography: Andile Masikane Photography

Make-up: Clarabanx. Incredible makeup artist and human!

Attires: First Dress and Jacket – MmeAnnah (0845857540)

 Second Dress: @Solanga on Instagram

Entertainment: Nhlanhla’s cousin’s (who are super talented) performed on Sunday. Nobantu Vilakazi and Kalusha did the most for entertainment!

Food: Our families cooked and the food was delicious!

Cake: I ordered the cake from a reputable supplier (180 degrees) and the cake had not set and melted on the way home. When I complained, I was met with a rude manager who offered me back my money (who wants money a few hours before a wedding, I wanted a cake). I would not recommend this supplier at all.”

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    This so beautiful and colourful! She was a stunning bride.

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