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Today’s couple is such a breath of fresh air. When asked how they adjusted after the wedding they said, “We take it one day at a time, with no expectations or pressure on what a marriage should be like. We are writing our book to marriage! 

I was blown away by this statement. It’s good to be inspired by other people’s marriages but you’ll have to ultimately create a marriage that you want. I hope that resonates with you even if you are already married. ENJOY!

“I have always wanted an intimate engagement with just the two of us. I am too much of a cry baby for a public engagement and I also believe it is an intimate moment. We were going on holiday and while finalising the packing the night before, I was in the kitchen making something. When I turned around, he was on his knee and he asked me to marry him. Of course, I cried like a baby as it was one of the happiest moments of my life – the answer was YESSSS!. That holiday was really special, engagement moon I like to think of it as.”

“When we came back from holiday, his parents wrote a letter to my family and a month later the families met for lobola discussions.”

“Our families initially met at the lobola negotiations; we then had gift exchanges for each other’s families on the weekend of the wedding which was amazing and brought our families even closer. We received a lot of wisdom and advice from both our families. My in-loves are amazing, and we relate with each other very well. “

“Planning a wedding is a ride, but the pandemic made it even more extreme. There were a lot of things we could not control and that resulted in a lot of stress – well from my side as the bride and a perfectionist. We had initially planned an August wedding and that date changed due to COVID-19 lock down restrictions. Overall, the support we received from our family, friends, and suppliers made the ride bearable and everything came together beautifully – we thank God.”

“I knew I was ready for marriage when I thought about my future. He was in my plans and aspirations. I want to go through life with him, through all ups and downs, he is the one that I want next to me.”

 Makeup – makeupbyxollow( Saturday) and beauty_by_pru (Sunday): I found both makeup
artists on Instagram and got reviews from friends and family that had used them before, their work was gorgeous.
 Gowns and slippers – JM Gifting (jmgifting): Found on Instagram and she delivered well.
 Bride dress, bridesmaids’ dresses and groom shirt ( Sunday) – Divine Touch By LEMC
(divinetouchbylemc) : My husband is Pedi and I found them on Instagram and saw that they specialised in modern Sepedi attires and they delivered as requested.

 Groom suit(Saturday) – (suitability_ ): I also saw their work on Instagram and thought they would make a perfect suit for my husband that he could also wear again in future, of course
they delivered he was so handsome ��.

 Groomsmen Sepedi Tops ( Sunday) – House of Pride Couture (house_of_pride_couture) :
Supplier was referred by a friend and H.O.P.C delivered as requested.

 Deco (Saturday) – Noma Ndhlovu (ndlovukazi_originals : I saw her work on Instagram and was impressed with her ability to personalise deco and put in extra touches, her work was gorgeous. She was a great support system during the planning process and the deco looked magical.

 Cakes – royal_treats_sa (Saturday) and white_ginger_2010 (Sunday): I found royal treats from my mom, her friend recommend them and likely she worked with Noma(deco) frequently. White Ginger was a referral from my sister in love and both cake suppliers
delivered as requested.

 Deco (Sunday) – Maria Nkosi ( Kula Marima Events – Facebook : Supplier was referred to my sister in love by a friend, she also delivered as requested.

 Photographer(Saturday and Sunday) – Willowtogs Pictures (willowtogs) : I use to work with founder of Willowtogs pictures and I loved his work. Eric and I had done a couple’s shoot
with him a few years back and we loved the pictures. Therefore, it was a no-brainer selecting him as our wedding photographer and videographer. He delivered over and above our expectations.

 Planning process – Leave room for potential changes, you cannot control everything

 Budget a bit extra – Make sure you include “emergency money’ in your budget for those
unexpected expenses that might come up

 It takes a village – Even the best planners in the world need help, include people that are willing to help in the planning and delegate- you cannot do everything

From The Planner: Working with Lihle has been a bliss, she knew what she wanted from the beginning so it made things so much easier.

I loved executing this wedding. The bride gave me the freedom to work my magic without any interference. The weather was beautiful matching the Bride and Groom. It was a beautiful day lots of love and laughter filled the room.

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