A Stunning South African + Zimbabwean Wedding

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I missed you last week, life has been hectic and my studies have left little to no time for me to work on Bonlte.

There is no joy like wedding joy. And to see young couples take the leap of faith and make a long-life commitment is the icing on the cake. It is even sweeter when they are both believers. Such are Millicent and Joe. They met at church(the perfect place to meet someone if you are still looking) and after a few conversations became friends and naturally progressed to the next stage of their relationship. ENJOY

We met at church, where we were both serving in the same department, the worship team department. We both share common interests, one of them being the love for music. That’s what we believe brought us together, to become friends because we realized that we speak the same language.

He proposed without an engagement ring! Lol. He just told me that he received blessings from his parents and he wants to marry me, asking how things are done in my culture. Well, that’s because we knew from the first year we started dating (2018) that we are in a relationship to eventually get married and not to play or push time. I told him how things are done. I think that was my “YES” in a way lol. He knew that where I come from I am not allowed to wear an engagement ring without him asking for my family’s permission or paying lobola. He respected that. I’ll always love him for the RESPECT he has for my family. Right on our Lobola day, he surprised me with an engagement ring! It was so beautiful for everyone to witness and my uncles were extremely happy. I said YES to being his wife on our lobola day.

The lobola was beautiful, interesting, and nerve-wracking at the same. He sent a letter to my parents expressing himself and also asked for a date. My parents and uncles asked if I know him, I said yes. They responded to his letter with a date and then they came on that specific date, to begin with, negotiations and paid lobola in full. Everything happened in one day, due to the covid19 pandemic. Our families wanted to avoid a lot of unnecessary traveling because my husband’s family is based in Zimbabwe, my family is based in Limpopo and we stay in JHB.

The planning process was overwhelming for obvious reasons. We are from two different cultures, however, we felt that this process was necessary because it has made us even stronger together. We have heard of stories from other couples that went through the same process whose families fought to the point of breaking up but in our case, it has made us become one team. It kind of prepared us for our marriage life because we learned to be patient with each other, to communicate, and to support each other. More than anything, it has brought us closer to God because we started praying together even more, which is what we believe can keep us going even in our marriage. The planning process is important and has a lot of lessons and preparations to offer.

We knew we were ready for marriage after we completed marriage class at our church. The content of the class helped us to communicate about things that important.

Our suppliers exceeded our expectations honestly! We are still in shock lol. For our deco, we used @olga_events. We discovered their work on Instagram and we were impressed by how they uniquely arrange the flowers. Our deco was like heaven on earth. Our photographer, Experience Lebowakgomo was extremely affordable and his work is amazing!
Our Outfits were designed by @kalahari_fashions. They are based in Midrand. I love the way designers at Kalahari Fashions can get the picture or vision you have in mind, they ask the right questions and ran with the vision for the dress. Their process is awesome because they let you choose your material before they even start.
They guide you throughout the process until you get your final product. With suppliers, we have learned that expensive doesn’t always mean good quality work. There are a lot of good suppliers who are not out there but doing excellent work at an affordable rate. We also connected very well with them.

We are still best friends, we are doing life the same way we have always done it. We are still keeping the same friends, living by the same principles, we set for our relationship. Marriage class helped us prepare for our marriage life. We are clear on expectations and know exactly how we live life together.

If you’d like know more about Millicent and Joe, check out their video on you-tube where they share their thoughts on the entire day. Click this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mkSLZRQxqQ&t=1721s

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