A Stunning Soweto Wedding

Good morning my loves, how are you today? I hope all is well with you. I have this stunning Soweto wedding to share with you today. But before I do I just wanted to say thank you for your continued support. The more you read the blog the more I can source weddings, tips, and ideas for you. My aim is to make your wedding journey easier. Less stress and more fun.

Ever since I started Bontle Bride I’m amazed at how the wedding industry has changed. A few years ago traditional weddings weren’t really a thing. Couples focused and spent more on white weddings. Nowadays couples take pride in traditional weddings and more and more are doing away with the western definition of what a wedding should look like. And boy oh boy, we are loving it and are thankful for the privilege to share such beautiful memories.

Here’s today’s stunning soweto wedding. ENJOY

How They Met
We met at a restaurant in Soweto while I was having lunch with a mutual friend to both of us.

soweto wedding, south afican wedding inspiration

The Proposal
Years ago he told me that he will be sending a letter proposing marriage to my family. I didn’t take it that seriously until the letter did indeed arrive, that was when it really sank in.

soweto wedding, south afican wedding inspiration

Yes, a letter was sent from his family to mine informing them that they will be coming to ask for my hand in marriage. My husband’s family came for the first negotiation then went back to finalize a few months later.

soweto wedding, south afican wedding inspiration
soweto wedding, south afican wedding inspiration

The Planning Process
As much as I had a planner, it was quite a daunting experience that left me super exhausted. Because I’m such a perfectionist, I would find myself having sleepless nights thinking about the different details of the wedding

soweto wedding, south afican wedding inspiration

The Community

Oh yes, our neighbours, friends, and family helped with different aspects of the wedding from helping to clean the yard before and after, washing the pots afterward, donations of scones and biscuits & design and printing of programmes and welcome signs, pickups and drop offs, etc

Marriage is such a big deal, at what point did you know you were ready?
My husband and I have always been quite serious and close from early days so I’ve been ready from the time he told me he would one day marry me a few months after dating.

soweto wedding, south afican wedding inspiration

The Suppliers
A friend of mine does events planning so I consulted with her once we starting planning for our first wedding, on our second one she was a coordinator and we used Langa Events. I told her what I wanted and we both searched for different suppliers through social networks and people she has worked with before etc. I would also screenshot ideas and send to her.

soweto wedding, south afican wedding inspiration

3 Lessons Learned
1) Not everything will go according to plan
2) Make peace with mistakes you see on the day and don’t let them upset/overwhelm you.
3) This is the moment you realize the true essence and importance of family

soweto wedding

Would you do it again?
With the amount of stress & effort, it took, definitely no.

Tips For Planning A Wedding
Plan way ahead of time, keep a checklist of what needs to be done/bought. Get outfits done on time to avoid headaches and stresses and remember that there is nothing you can change on the day, learn to let go and enjoy the day fully.

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  1. What a stunning wedding! I especilly love the simplicity of the cake.

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