A Stunning Tsonga Wedding

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Today’s wedding is a traditional Tsonga wedding. I don’t often get a Tsonga wedding to feature. Therefore when I get one it’s like I’m a kid in a sweet shop. From the decor to the dress, you can tell that Sibongile and her husband put in hours of planning to achieve this magic.

A Stunning Tsonga Wedding

We met in high school… he was my first love, my first kiss… if you know what I mean😊

The proposal was on Valentine’s Day, cliche right?? But for us, it was magical, as that date is our anniversary date.

The lobola happened the day before the wedding, on a Saturday… His uncles came over to my house and fetched their bride, we then proceeded to his house where they held a ceremony for my arrival.A Stunning Tsonga WeddingA Stunning Tsonga Wedding

He is Tsonga and I am Swati. They clothed me in their Tsonga tradition as soon as I arrived and proceeded with a heartwarming ceremony of speeches, laughter and lots of dancing…A Stunning Tsonga WeddingA Stunning Tsonga Wedding

I wouldn’t change a thing from my DAY, as it was the most magical of All, you can see from my glow😍😊A Stunning Tsonga Wedding

The most magical part for me was in church when we exchanged our vows with lumps in our throats.

The second was when the families exchanged words at the reception with tears of joy.A Stunning Tsonga Wedding

White wedding is definitely to follow, but that’s just because we want to share the love that we have with the people we love.A Stunning Tsonga Wedding

Because he has a Branding/sound company, we saved a lot on the branded merchandise and the sound productions/DJ’sA Stunning Tsonga Wedding

Future brides/grooms. Don’t get consumed in all the plannings and nerves that you forget to enjoy that magical moment with your partnerA Stunning Tsonga WeddingA Stunning Tsonga Wedding

Photographer: Anza_r / yarona_mp

Sound production/branding: Ventso group

Decor: Fezegile_events


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  1. Phumza Chuene says:

    Ausie Ika, may we please have a ba kae series. Featuring the married couples on their journey of marriage.

    1. Ika says:

      Awww that is a beautiful idea. Thank you for the suggestion.

  2. Musa Mhlongo says:

    Beautifulll, impressive, stunning, amazing and timeless. Thank you for sharing such a great colourful event. Its forever superb!

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