A Stunning Pedi Wedding

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Hey, precious ones. How was your weekend and most importantly how’s your wedding planning going? I hope this blog is giving you ideas and inspiration. If you are stuck or need help or recommendations please don’t hesitate to send me an email. I’d be delighted to help.

For today though I have this stunning Pedi wedding to share with you. I’ve featured a couple of Pedi weddings here on the blog and love the fact that they are all different and each one is beautifully unique. It is interesting to me to learn how other cultures get wed. Thank you, Mrs Law, for taking us on a little lesson and giving us the scoop on another angle of the Pedi wedding.

The Love Story
We actually met on Facebook. We have been Facebook friends since 2009. He used to like my pictures and commented on my statuses. He decided to start inboxing me that year and I was NOT at all interested until I started taking him and his messages serious in 2015. We broke up a year later and reunited in Jan 2018. We then got married 11 months later.

The Proposal
Funny enough there is no engagements and proposals in our culture. Our engagement is equivalent to an event called “Go thiba sefero”. This is the first step of marriage where the grooms family goes to the brides to let them know that their son saw a young lady and he would like to marry her. After that, the Lobola negotiations start.

The Suppliers
We decided to empower suppliers from back home (Limpopo). So we knew them and their work.

One Thing I’d Change
I would not have paid my suppliers a full amount before our wedding.

Because we are from the villages and our families are cultural we decided to wear traditional clothes as opposed to a white western dress. In the morning I wore cultural clothes (1 dress of my tribe and 1 dress of my husband’s). In my culture for a bride to be considered married, she needs to bring a part of a cow (Mohlobolo) to the grooms home Saturday after the celebration at the brides home. I did that fully.

Favourite Moment
In the morning walking out of my parents’ house in my cultural attire, my husband coming to meet me and we danced to cultural songs. It all sunk in at that moment.

The Dress
I worked together with my designer. I do not know how many times it changed. LOL. And no I did not cry, I, however, I felt like the day must come already. I really just wanted us to look extra beautiful and the photos needed to be professional. Which I was happy with the turnout.

Advice To Other Couples Getting Married
I have a video about this on my Youtube channel titled “How I planned my wedding”. Please subscribe and watch it. Mrs. Law is the name of my channel.

Looking Forward To:
I am looking forward to growing old with the love of my life, starting a family and changing the badnarrative around getting married young. It works and it is surely beautiful.

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