A Stunning Wedding With The Bride And Groom In Rich Factory

I’m an advocate for couples who like to get married their way. Mpho and her husband are such a couple. They knew exactly what they wanted and what they didn’t want and had their celebration their way. 

I read somewhere that couples feel the pressure to keep up with their peers on social media. Please don’t let the internet fool you. Half the things you see on there are superficial. Never compare your wedding to someone else’s online. They only show you what they want you to see. Please, if you can’t afford a big wedding, a small one is still okay. If at the end of the day, you are married to the love of your life, nothing else matters.

I hope you will take a leaf out of Mpho and her husband’s gorgeous wedding. Here’s their story, ENJOY

A Stunning Wedding With The Bride And Groom In Rich Factory

The Love Story

We met at a party. I was accompanying a friend to a friend’s birthday party and that’s where we met. Turns out my friend and the person who’s birthday it was were mutual friends. No fireworks there!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 No love at first sight, the globe didn’t stop orbiting. Just a simple hello, how are you and a bit of persistence and persuasion after that was good enough, well that’s at least how I tell my version of the story.

A Stunning Wedding With The Bride And Groom In Rich Factory

The Proposal

OMG, it was on the 2nd of March 2019. That morning he took me to work, making sure that I don’t have transport to move around all day. He prepared an amazing meal and my favorite cake as dessert. When he picked me up after work that afternoon I walked into the house where there was plenty of candles lit, hundreds of roses and sunflowers “my favorite” layed out in a heart and a question mark. Also, music playing in the background with a slide show of our photos on the tv screen. I couldn’t stop crying. Yes, he went on one knee and yes he said a lot but all I remember was the most important question lol 

The lobola

Yes, indeed he did. Firstly, after he asked for my hand in marriage he sent a letter to my family asking for permission to marry me. I was lucky enough to wear my ring before the negotiations as he asked my mom for permission prior. My family then responded to his family where a date was set to meet. The two families met and I wish I could share more about what happened that day or what was spoken about in the meeting but I was not allowed anywhere near there lol only in my bedroom. 

Well honestly, we didn’t want a wedding to begin with. We planned to elope but that dream ended the moment lobola negotiates began. Soooo, we sat down both families individually and made it clear that if they want weddings, it would be at their expense. Our mothers practically planned everything and we would just approve of what we liked and disapproved of what we didn’t. 

My mother had a holiday a week before the wedding so we decided to get a wedding planner to bring everything together whilst she was gone. “So glad we decided on that” 

A Stunning Wedding With The Bride And Groom In Rich Factory

The Look And Feel Of The Wedding

Those who know me know that I’m such a free spirit and that I love nature. I wanted everything simple, natural and comfortable. I was certain from the get-go that I wanted sunflowers, wooden tables and pallet furniture incorporated on the other side of the yard. When we got the wedding planner in and I explained my vision, she came up with plenty of other ideas that tied my vision together. I’m sooo grateful for her, I honestly couldn’t have achieved it without her. 

A Stunning Wedding With The Bride And Groom In Rich Factory

Was the community involved?

You could say so, as soon as mom informed everyone about the wedding. People were more than willing to offer their yards as parking spaces for our guests. Same goes with my husband, as soon as my mother in law told her her friends they were hands-on-deck like a troupe of militants, different teams were set up to bring everything together, quite bizarre/crazy how everyone came together to make sure everything went off without a hitch. Must have been the excitement. We’re truly grateful.

A Stunning Wedding With The Bride And Groom In Rich Factory

How did you know he was the ONE

 Honestly, the moment Khothatso and I started dating I knew he was the one. I love love. When I met someone who always wants the best for me, someone that is willing to do everything to make sure that I am happy, someone so selfless, someone so fearless, someone……. there aren’t enough word but I knew.

Three Lessons Learned

1- If you can, get someone to help. It takes away so much stress from you. 

2- Allow your suppliers to do what they do best, I don’t know how many times suppliers thanked me for being patient and for trusting them. If you paying someone to do what they do, let them do it! 

3- Not everyone is happy for you and it will show, don’t let that dampen your shine. When people show you who they believe them. Move on, smile and wave. There is always something bigger at work over the negativity. That’s something one should always remember.

A Stunning Wedding With The Bride And Groom In Rich Factory

Favourite Part

 EVERYTHING, there honestly isn’t a favorite part but the energy that weekend was 100+. We were happy, everyone was happy it was just amazing I tell you. 

Tips For Other Couples

Make sure that you do what makes you happy, that’s extremely important. The heart wants what the heart wants. If it doesn’t make you happy or it doesn’t fit in with your ethos or story, cut it and move on.

Now that your married has life changed?

Absolutely nothing has changed, his friends have become my friends, my friends have become his friends and we are always up for meeting new amazing like-minded people. We both respect that even though we are now one, we also remember that we are individuals first. We are constantly working on ourselves on our journeys to make sure that we are always great for one another. 


Tables + chairs: AllThingsWeddingSa

Cake: Tabbystreats 

Dress + Suit: Rich Factory 

Rich Factory is amazing at what they do. From the very beginning, they took the time to explore options as well as see the vision we had in mind. We kind of had an idea of what we wanted and they ran with them. They are phenomenal and couldn’t have chosen anyone else to make our vision come to life.

 Beads: Keke Beads 

Headpiece and cuffs 

The amazing KekeBeads made my bead pieces. She is one absolute gem I tell you. I gave her an idea of what I was to wear and she just rode the wave. 

Wedding Planner: Funiwe 

Found: Personal Experience 

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