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A Stylish Pink and Purple Wedding

aisha my fro and i7aisha my fro and i8aisha my fro and i9Today’s featured bride Aisha’s is a natural hair blogger at My Fro and I . From the moment I first visited her vlog/blog, I was hooked. For those of you who wear your hair natural you’ll love her blog. I had no clue you could do half the things she does with natural hair.

I followed Aisha for a couple of months and I’m glad I did and still do. When I realised she had gotten married (yes you guessed it) I had to reach out and ask for permission to reblog her wedding on here.

aisha my fro and i6aisha my fro and i4I felt so sorry for her when I realised her hair stylist turned up three hours late. Yes you read right, three hours! Because of this she missed her bridal portrait session. I could not believe it. I was so shocked. This is disappointing to say the least. I’m not claiming to be the Einstein of time keeping nor am I trying to put anyone down but three hours is too much. As wedding suppliers we have a duty to provide excellent service for our clients and be on time on the biggest days of their lives.

I admire Aisha for refusing to let that situation ruin her day. Had it been me, I’m not sure I would have reacted as graciously as she did. Bridezilla mode would have definitely kicked in.

aisha my fro and i11aisha my fro and i 2aisha my fro and iaisha my fro and i15aisha my fro and i17aisha my fro and i10I love Aisha’s pink and purple wedding. The Maggie Sotterro dress fitted her perfectly. I also adore the  personal touches like their choice of stationery that made their wedding unique. They had the best and most creative wedding invitation I’ve ever seen. Go see it here, I promise you’ll love it.

If you want to know more about Ashai’s engagement and wedding story please  visit  My Fro and I.

Thank you Aisha for sharing your wedding with us. May you be blessed with all the blessings of Deutoronomy28: 1-14. Mwahhh!

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Supplier Info:

Dress & Veil – Olivelli

Shoes – Forever New

Venue – The View Boutique Hotel, Auckland Park
Photographer – Darrell Fraser
Decor (including flowers, lights, chairs and carpets) – Novello Designs
Make Up – Sam Scarborough
Cake – Vanessa Smith of Maxmilliano’s
Officiant – Stefan Zeelie of Weddings Galore
Sound and DJ – Mangi Mbileni & Kyle Lazarus
Wine from Moreson Estate from Franschhoek, Cape Town

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  1. one of my best bloggers( Aisha) her wedding looked so girly & classy! And bumping into your blog *Pure Pearls.. is worthy it too… 🙂

    1. Ika says:

      Thank you Olivia, Yes Aisha is my favorite hair blogger. Truly her wedding was gorgeous.

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