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A Stylish Venda Wedding


I’ve had this stylish Venda wedding for ages. The plan was to have it in the second issue of Bontle Bride Magazine. However, I can’t wait because it is way too stylish and my fingers have been itching to press publish. I just can’t take it anymore. This wedding has to make the pages of the blog and who knows I might also put it in the magazine.

Speaking of the magazine, have you got your first issue yet?  Don’t miss out You can grab a copy here www.bontlebride.com/shop. To all of you who have supported the first issue and bought a copy, THANK YOU, I’m super grateful for your support.Stylish Venda WeddingA Stylish Venda WeddingStylish Venda Wedding

The Love Journey
We met about 4 years ago at a party. I knew his friends and we were introduced. It was very casual and from my side, it was not anything serious, I didn’t know I was actually meeting the love of my life. A week later one of his friends whatsapped me and asked me if I remembered his friend that he introduced me to and if he could forward him my number. I said, “yeah sure”. Later on that day, he called me just to reintroduce himself (what a gentleman). Bontle Bride: A gent indeed! Stylish Venda Wedding

He then told he was away playing a rugby tournament and he would like to chat some more via text as we would be busy. I remember it was a Sunday afternoon because I was studying for an exam. We literally chatted via text from the afternoon to the early hours of the morning. After that, he took me on few amazing dates. He always made feel super special and he put a lot of effort into these dates. I felt like I was on Bachelor. Ever since then he has been wooh’ing me. Reminding me and making me feel like the Queen that I am and the rest is history.Stylish Venda Wedding


It’s your wedding and you should always remember that. Don’t let other people perspectives and opinions come between you. You need to stick together as a couple and know that it’s all about you two.
Communication is so important, regularly check in with each other from an emotional aspect as the wedding planning will take over your lives.
Be hands-on, but also be able to delegate. You can’t do everything yourself.
Always do things in a respectful manner and people will respect your union.
Be practical in terms of your expectations for your wedding, if you can’t afford it cut it out.
Lastly and most importantly, the day probably won’t be perfect and things will go wrong but always remember to enjoy the day and live in the moment because you can’t redo it and it goes by so fast.Stylish Venda WeddingStylish Venda WeddingStylish Venda WeddingStylish Venda WeddingStylish Venda WeddingStylish Venda WeddingStylish Venda WeddingStylish Venda Wedding Click here to view the white wedding!

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  1. Xoliswa Nengudza says:

    This is stunning. I’ve never imagined there could be such a beautiful creativity with Venda material. Keep going.

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