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A Weekend Long Stunning Sepedi Wedding

It’s not often that a bride would welcome rain on her wedding day. However, today’s bride Pholosho said “It rained heavily for a couple of hours on both days. Clearly, the heavens approved of our union, as they opened up immensely.” All I can say is; Pholosho is a brave bride. Below she tells us about the wedding. Enjoy!

How They Met
We met through my mother and his Aunt (greatest BFF’s and our Cupid’s) in December 2007 @ Warmbaths, Bela Bela. They had a social club “society” which had annual family outings, this was the group’s first outing. It wasn’t love at first sight or anything like that. We chatted a bit, exchanged numbers and kept in touch throughout the years (from mxit, facebook, and occasional calls…) little did I know that this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. We met again in December 2015 (think December is our month) at his cousin’s wedding. The following month he called and invited me to a live soccer game. Two years later, we got married.A Weekend Long Stunning Sepedi Wedding

The Proposal
He always made it known from the get-go that “this” was for the long hold! We were on a vacation in Thailand (December 2016, December again- lol) and were discussing our plans for the new year when he informed me that he’s paying Lobola in the upcoming year. That’s as romantic as it gets (haha). This was just 10 months into our relationship.A Weekend Long Stunning Sepedi Wedding

The Planning Process
Pure bliss due to team effort! I don’t know what we would’ve done without our families, honestly! They took care of everything for us, and I mean everything. We can’t thank them enough!!A Weekend Long Stunning Sepedi Wedding

The Suppliers/Vendors
As this was a traditional wedding, we had two ceremonies at our respective homes on the 17th and 18th March. As its customary for the grooms family to leave with their bride upon finalisation of lobola, the first ceremony was in Pretoria (my home). It was a sendoff from my family to my new family. The day started off with our families finalising the initial negotiated terms. This was followed by a matrimonial ceremony, (it was very important for us to get our union blessed), and lastly the reception (with all the traditional protocols).

After all the formalities, I got dressed in my “Hele” that was made for me by my in-laws and left for my new home. It was so beautiful with all the guests singing for me upon my departure! (Traditional weddings are the best!!)

The second ceremony was at my Husbands home in Centurion where I was basically accepted into my new family!
We had an inclusive package from Kaymela events, which consisted of Deco, Catering and Photography/Videography. This really took off the load off our shoulders.A Weekend Long Stunning Sepedi Wedding

We had a traditional Sepedi wedding and I’m so proud of that! It took a lot of convincing to our families because everyone is of the notion that you’re not married until you have a “Western wedding”. But we were adamant that we wanted a traditional wedding (we are that woke!) and knew that it is equally (if not more) significant and beautiful as a Western wedding.We wanted the whole enchilada, from our outfits, traditional dancers, traditional protocols etc…A Weekend Long Stunning Sepedi Wedding

A Weekend Long Stunning Sepedi Wedding

Most Memorable Moment
For me: it was seeing the look on his face when he saw me. He was honestly beaming!
For him: it was seeing me walking down the aisle towards him.A Weekend Long Stunning Sepedi Wedding

The Wedding Style
It was a traditional Sepedi wedding through and through, except for my dress which had a modern twist, including a veil.A Weekend Long Stunning Sepedi Wedding

The Dress
I didn’t want the traditional Sepedi dress (referred to as Hele) or the typical modern twist to it. I had a vision in my head of what I wanted but didn’t know how to articulate it. Luckily I saw a dress that had a resemblance to what I wanted. Thank heavens for Lerato (the designer), I showed her the picture to be used as a base, in conjunction with my alterations. The dress was literally a work in progress until the night before my wedding, and it was well worth it!

I was a little pompous and proud when I fitted the final product, because I knew it’s not what anyone would expect for a “traditional dress” and that they would be blown away. Naturally, they were! My mother cried when she saw me in the dress. I can’t thank Lerato enough! The dress for me was obviously the most important part of my day, but at no point during the process did I ever panic, this was a show of confidence that I had in her. This was something never done before and it literally became our vision, and we certainly saw it through.A Weekend Long Stunning Sepedi Wedding

Any advice for future brides and grooms.
In the famous words of my husband; Don’t panic! Proper planning and loads of help from the family goes a long way, and don’t stress about things you can’t control. Lastly, enjoy the process!A Weekend Long Stunning Sepedi Wedding

Looking forward to:
Spending the rest of our lives, growing and reaching our highest potentials individually yet collectively!A Weekend Long Stunning Sepedi Wedding

Photographer: Cyfslens Media by Ray (073 971 2808)
Venue: Pretoria (Brides home) and Centurion (Grooms home)
Dress: The talented Lerato incredibly designed both mine and my husband’s attire (@Lerato_N – 076 625 1679)
Make-Up: Make-up artists to the stars: Stephy Kwanaite (@stephythemakeupartist) and Monica Modise (@monicca_modise)
Hair: @lebothestylist
Décor/Venue Styling and flowers: Vision brought to life by Kaymela Events

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