A Zulu Bride With Epic Style

Planning a wedding is stressful. Amanda; today’s featured bride expressed that the one thing she would have done differently was to take time to rest in the weeks leading up to the wedding. I think she hit the nail on the head with that statement. Relaxing in the weeks leading up to the wedding is crucial. As fun as a wedding is by the end of all the festivities of planning you want to be able to enjoy yourself without feeling like your hangover. ENJOY

We met informally a couple of years before we actually started dating. He grew up in the same town as my cousin, but it was only in Easter of 2013 that we exchanged digits and started communicating. After a series of back and forth SMS’s, we went on our first date, which was a movie, and like they say, the rest is history.

The planning process wasn’t as tedious as I thought it would be. But don’t get me wrong, it required a lot of commitment and time set apart to make sure that things were going accordingly. It also taught me that nothing is too small to plan and that nothing should be overlooked. But with everything you need to be intentional and hands-on to avoid unnecessary stress.

A Zulu Bride With Epic Style

We had two African traditional ceremonies, Umembeso and Umabo. These ceremonies are traditionally celebrated by the Zulu tribe, and seeing that I am partly Zulu and my husband full blown Zulu, we had to include these ceremonies and celebrate the beauty of the African culture. And in my honest opinion, I enjoyed these ceremonies much more than the Western Traditional White wedding.

Memorable Moment
Having fun with my best friend, my husband. We honestly had a blast, we were in the moment and we enjoyed every last bit of it

The Wedding Style
I would describe it as simple, rustic elegance. We opted to go for simple glam, quiet luxury. I would describe the style as simple yet it still made a statement in my opinion.A Zulu Bride With Epic StyleA Zulu Bride With Epic StyleThe Dress
I was at a bridal expo when a lady from Eurobride approached me and offered me a free consultation. After trying on a few dresses, I found the ONE… It fit like a glove and made me feel like royalty. So yes, it was love at first sight, and yes I cried.

A Zulu Bride With Epic StyleA Zulu Bride With Epic Style

Enjoy the journey and to do it together. Don’t succumb to societies expectations, other peoples opinions and sometimes even family members who have a vision contrary to what you want. Be open-minded and stick to your budget.A Zulu Bride With Epic Style

Looking Forward To:
I am looking forward to a friendship that lasts forever. A divine bond that will illustrate the beauty of the relationship between Christ and His bride, The Church. I’m looking forward to building and pursuing purpose with my biggest cheerleader by my side.

Ps: Amana has a youtube channel, click here to follow her.

Photographer Traditional wedding: Kwanda Photography

White Wedding: Brightmoon Photography
Make-Up: Makeup Artist Nonjabulo (Makeup by Shaped) & Faced by Yols M
Suits: Hugo Boss & Eurosuit
Décor/Venue Styling: Pervigeo Floral Design, Star Style Draping and Nono Events
Flowers: Pervigeo Floral Design
Cake: Kelly Jayne’s Cake Boutique
DJ & Dancefloor: Up A Tone

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