Hi, I’m Ika! A wedding obsessed creative who’s passionate about helping you plan your big day. Throughout the pages of Bontle Bride, you’ll find real wedding inspiration, ideas, tips, best wedding creatives.

Bontle Bride Blog started has an extension of my events company. Unfortunately, that business didn’t work out. Heartbroken over a failed business, I continued sharing wedding ideas and inspiration on the blog. One thing I was sure of was I wanted to continue to work in the wedding industry. Because I love LOVE weddings and I couldn’t see myself working in another industry. Slowly but surely the blog began gaining readers every day and brides started emailing for recommendations and suggestions.

After a whole lot of research, I realised that there weren’t many blogs, let alone magazines that catered for couples who wanted to have a cultural wedding or celebrate their big day whichever way they felt it satisfied them.

Therefore I could not stop blogging. I had to keep helping brides to be with all the inspiration they needed. Although the blog has tons of information and is doing really well there are brides who have problems with the internet. It saddened me that some brides could not access the blog due to data problems. I lay awake one night thinking of ways I could help them. My heart ached for them and suddenly in the middle of the night while I was thinking of ways to help; the idea of going to print popped into my head. And I decided to run with it and here we are. Bontle Bride is no longer just a blog but a magazine. 

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When I’m not obsessing over weddings I enjoy reading,  watching formula one, spending time with my family and probably boring my poor husband with the latest wedding-related stuff.