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Back Details by Veluz Reyes

veluz reyes back details the knotClearly a bride should look and feel good in her wedding dress. One thing I was concerned about when I choose my dress was the front details. I neglected the back. This was a terrible mistake because brides need to look good from all angels especially the back. Why the back you may ask? Well because you will spend at least half an hour with your back to your guests during the ceremony, so you might as well make sure your back has jaw drooping details that will make them keel over.

veluz reyes back details7There is one designer who does back details exceptionally well, Mrs Velus Reyes, if you don’t know who she is (where have you been), her gorgeous creations have taken the bridal world by storm, okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little lol, but seriously the back details on her wedding dresses are out of this world. One can only image how much time is put on creating these masterpieces.veluz reyes back details5

Veluz Reyes Design studio is based Overseas but all her gowns can be shipped everywhere. This is what she had to say about her gowns;

“Took me months to think of gowns that will reflect how I see any bride.
Soft, fluid silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure, details that sing, gowns that will reflect the happiness every bride feels inside.
After all, it is still a girl thing :-)”velus reyes back details ever after

‘Details that sing’, I love that and it rings true because the back details on these wedding dresses truly sing a little joyful melody. I am sure any bride wearing one of these will be singing a little tune as she strolls down aisle.veluz reyes back details3

If you would like to walk down the aisle with one of these gorgeous creations on, then head over to Veluz Reyes website for more information.

First image the knot, All other images from Veluz Reyes


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