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Beauty Edits Vol~4| Sleek Contour Kit

I have fallen in love with sleek products. Now, I’m not going to lie, I haven’t bought all their products( lol I’d be broke if I indulge in that much make-up plus Mr K would kill me). I can’t remember who introduced me to sleek makeup but I’m thankful they did. I love it for so many reasons but most of all because it does the job and it’s not that expensive. At just £7/R100, its good value for money.


This was the first contour kit I’ve ever bought. I love it on my skin. I’ve only had it on a couple of times because most days I’m just happy with foundation. However, on date nights I like to make a little effort.


If you’re looking for a contour kit that works perfectly and won’t cost you a fortune then try sleek. You won’t be disappointed. I promise you’ll love it.


You’ll find the sleek’s contour kit ingredients via their website here. It’s a whole lot of scientific terms which hurt my brain but nonetheless, you should read the article yourself, just in case you have any allergies.Beauty Edits Vol~4| Sleek Contour Kit

The most important thing to remember is to look after your skin. Prep it before putting makeup and don’t forget your primer. Never sleep with your makeup on. Wash it off and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!


Oh, I nearly forgot, if you haven’t heard, Bontle has its very own online shop with beautiful accessories that you might like to add to your collection. You can access it via this link and shop away.


I hope you’ll have a lovely weekend.


PS: I have a ridiculously stunning wedding to share on Monday for you.

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