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Bling Wedding Inspiration Using Crystals

A Bling Wedding Inspiration Using CrystalsFor those of you who don’t like crystals, this post is probably not for you. Today I’ll be looking at crystals and give you a few pointers on how you can incorporate them into your décor design/venue styling.

Have you ever wondered how the most successful event designers come up with show stopping designs/venue styling ideas everytime? Well its simple. They use an abundance of one or two things in massive volumes, whether it be flowers, pearls, crystals or lighting.

A Bling Wedding Inspiration Using CrystalsIf you want to create show stopping designs just like those of famous event designers without the price tag, I suggest you consider using crystals. Crystals will add the glamor effect to your wedding.There is just something magical crystals. Wherever they are used there is no shortage of the WOW factor.

So let’s look at places where you incorporate  crystal at your wedding.

A Bling Wedding Inspiration Using CrystalsThe Ceremony Space: If your ceremony is taking place out doors then you can hang crystals on the gazebo or crystal curtains on either sides of the gazebo.

The Wedding Aisle:   Placing crystal strings on either side of the aisle is another idea that is inexpensive and will most definitely add that luxurious feel to your wedding.

On Ceilings: If money is no object, hang dripping crystals on the ceiling. Don’t just uses a few, three to four hundred will give an illusion of being under the stars. By having this many crystals you will achieve a show stopping design. You can also hang one big crystal chandelier with a couple of small to pull off the extravagant look.

On Centerpieces: mixed with flowers crystals will make your centerpieces look amazing.

A Bling Wedding Inspiration Using Crystals

On Tables: although this is a bit old fashioned, it still works and most importantly budget friendly. Scatter crystals on the tables, add as many votive candles and tea lights as possible, by doing so your reception space will look stunning. You can also use crystal napkin holders.
On chairs: Use crystals on the back of banqueting chairs.

Bar area: A curtain of crystals together with cleaver lighting will make the bar area look breathtaking.

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