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This month has passed by so quickly. I can’t believe the year is nearly ending. With only eight weeks left I thought I’d do a blog and life chat-up. I have so much to tell you and yet as I sit in front of my computer, my thoughts escape me. I’ve made so many quick decisions in the past ten months without giving much thought to how it will affect my blog.

In the moments of excitement, I‘ve agreed to things that I should have perhaps taken more time to think about. Oh well… They say we learn from our mistakes.

Remember at the beginning of the year (if you haven’t been reading the blog that long ignore this section) I told you, I had someone in the pipeline for make-up tutorials on the blog. Unfortunately, that did not materialise. After carefully looking and reading through their terms and conditions I decided to walk away from the agreement. It hurt but it was going to hurt even more had I agreed to sign the contract with them.Blog And Life Chat-Up

I have learned two lessons from walking away from that venture 1) Trust your instinct 2) The importance of reading through contracts. Sometimes companies/people will put clauses in contracts meant to hold you liable for everything. And if the thing goes up in flames or doesn’t go well, they walk away with nothing to lose. So be careful and read through all your wedding contracts. And never use someone who doesn’t have a contract. Because God forbid, if they don’t turn up or their service is unsatisfactory, you can challenge them rightfully and legally.

The blog is growing. Many of you have subscribed (thank you, I’m humbled) and continue to read the blog on a daily basis. I honestly can’t ask for more than that.

As of January, I’m going to be adding two posts a week instead of one. I realise more and more of you are asking questions that need long answers so I might as well turn those answers into blog posts. Oh if you have a question or need advice on something don’t hesitate to email your questions to [email protected] I will answer your question in a blog post format with helpful tips, resources and details of whom to contact. And if someone else has the same questions, It’ll be helpful for them too.

Blog And Life Chat-Up
“order my steps oh LORD”

Another change to the blog is the blogging bride feature. This was an experimental feature to see if more of you would enjoy reading about other brides planning journeys. The feature has not worked out as I had planned. However, I’ll forever be grateful to Ashleigh for writing two posts on her journey plus a spa review.

Life Chat-Up
After a visit to my doctor last Saturday and seeing how high my blood pressure was, I’ve decided to go back to fitness. I am not overweight but I have gained 3dresses sizes since I’ve had my children so it’s time to do something about my extra weight. I’m looking forward to being and feeling healthy again. Currently, I feel as if there’s a big heavy machine on top of me.

I’ve read so many magazines and pieces that encourage women to be happy at any size. I totally agree with what they are trying to do however being overweight can cause a lot of health issues. So in my efforts to stay healthy and get my blood pressure down, I’ve binned all the junk food (hmm… goodbye double chocolate cake), swapped my mug of coffee for water and normal green tea.

I’ve even put together a plan (this plan is just for me and if you want to follow it, you should seek medical advice first). I used to be very fit so I know a bit about how to lose weight healthily. One thing that annoys me about diets is the fact that you’ll lose the weight and just that quickly gain it back again.

I’m sharing my journey with you so that I can be held accountable. I thought about doing it silently on my own but I realise putting it on here will help me stay focused. I want to achieve my goal badly. And sharing it with you will definitely spur me on to continue even on days when I don’t feel like exercising. I don’t want to be too skinny, though. Just a good healthy size. Plus it gets too cold here in the winter. I want Mr K to still have some love handles to comfort him(lol)

So if you’re losing weight or doing something else that requires support, leave a comment below. Bontle bride is not just about weddings but about women who support other women. Let’s encourage and cheer each other on.

Workout Plan
Mondays: High-Intensity Total Body Workout Plus Lifting
Tuesday: 30 Minutes Walk
Wednesday: High-Intensity Total Body Workout Plus Lifting
Thursday :5k run/walk
Friday :High-intensity Workout, Total Body workout

I’ll be eating fruit and veg as possible. Wholegrain foods. Chicken or fish and drinking two litres of water per day.

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  1. […] last blog and life catch up was last year. I know I should do these more often but I don’t want the blog to be about me […]


    keep the motion and be fit

    1. Ika says:

      Amantle thank you, let’s do it.

  3. And yay to more posts per week in the new year 🙂

    1. Ika says:


  4. I agree with you Ika, it’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of working with brands as bloggers that we don’t fully read and understand contracts. Good for you that you stood up for yourself and your blog.

    All the best with the new eating and exercise plan!

    1. Ika says:

      Thanks Lungi. One needs to be careful in this blogging world.

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