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Hi Everyone!


Have you heard our Epic news yet?


Bontle Bride is now a beautifully curated publication with emphasis on giving traditional weddings the press they deserve (although not entirely limited to traditional weddings). My hope is that you’ll embrace it and be inspired by the articles in it.


The magazine will be available to buy via the online storewww.bontlebride.com from November the 15th and hopefully in-stores by December 1st. TO PRE-ORDER follow this link

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Hi! I'm Ika. Thank you for visiting Bontle Bride, a gorgeous space where I share exquisite weddings with a flava of culture.

(3) Comments

  1. This is great news Ika! Well done on this achievement. Which stores will it be available at? I want to get the hard copy version.

    1. Ika says:

      Thanks, Lungi, I’m still working on getting it to the stores.

  2. Lerato says:

    I’m happy for you Cc kwangathi uYehova angakwandisela!

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