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15. Best Ways of Saving on Wedding Flowers

SAVE ON WEDDING FLOWERS BELLA MAGAZINEI hear this phrase all the time, its only flowers, why do we have to pay that much? Flowers add an elegant touch to any celebration especially weddings.  I advice couples all the time to have at least one arrangement that will have a big impact. I love how flowers together with clever lighting can transform even the dullest of venues into a romantic paradise. Few tips on how you can save on flowers:

1. Use seasonal flowers; they will always be cheaper than flowers out of season.

2. Be honest with your florist about what you can afford, a good florist will suggest options to suit your budget.

3 .If you have a low budget keep your centerpieces simple remember labor costs will increase with more complex arrangements

4. Incorporate ceremony flowers into the reception décor

5. Beautiful colors, interesting textures, and unique shapes can create exquisite arrangements with major impact.

6. Find a venue such as a park or garden that is already beautiful.

7. Choose a smaller bridal party. This will also save money on dresses, gifts and bouquets that you have to purchase for your bridal party.

8. Use few tall arrangements that will create an impact than too many smaller ones that tend to be overlooked
9.Flowers like orchids and peonies tend to be more costly but they have a grander effect and fill up more space.

10. There are lovely, inexpensive ribbons that can really make your flowers stand out. And containers can be a big saver if you choose wisely. Don’t dismiss plastic containers they can look gorgeous when filled with flowers.

11. Don’t just settle for the first quote you get, shop around and negotiate.WAYS TO SAVE ON WEDDING FLOWERS BETTER HOMES

12. Buy flowers from wholesalers or grocery stores such as Marks and Spencer or Sainsbury and arrange them yourself if you are a DIY kind of bride but I would suggest leaving the bouquets to the professionals. There are so many tutorials on the internet on how to arrange flowers plus you tube videos.

13. Use silk flowers; they look real and much cheaper than real flowers.

14.Be creative and do something out of the norm, how about asking each guest to bring flowers in vases instead of a wedding present, make sure they know the color scheme

15.Get inspiration from wedding websites, magazines and blogs. Enjoy flower shopping.

photo credits: Bella Magazine and Better Homes

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