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Designer Wedding Shoes By Jimmy Choo

JIMMY cHOO BRIDAL COLLECTION7Growing up, I was a bit of a tom boy. I never liked girly things and the idea of wearing high heels terrified me. I used to think that every girl/woman who wore high heels was a bit crazy especially when I looked at the price tag and the fact that some could not walk in them and ended up with blisters for days. I thought why, oh why, would they put themselves in that agony. But the older I get, the more I  embrace being a gorgeous woman who looks and feels confident in her own skin, not hiding behind baggy clothes and trainers.jimmy Choo bridal collection4

I was recently watching a  TV program  about a woman who bought so many pairs of shoes that they filled her walking wardrobe and was running out of space for them. How many women are there, who have closets full of gorgeous shoes which they never get to wear? I am guilty of this. By NO means do I have a walking wardrobe but I have some gorgeous heels which I never wear.

It’s no secret, confident women love, love shoes (sorry gents if you find this post boring). What better excuse than your wedding day to spoil yourself and get a pair of designer shoes. I promise, you will not feel guilty about spending that much money on one pair of heels, it’s your wedding day, and you can do what you like, within reason of course.

Jimmy choo, bridal collection3There are so many designers I like but today I choose to share Jimmy Choo shoe collection, as I think they are gorgeous and perfect for the big day. Beside I have always had a soft spot for Jimmy’s collections. I love the details on all his stiletto heels and the comfort. So I would suggest you invest in buying a pair of Jimmy Choo Heels not only for the comfort but because you can wear them over and over and I am sure you will relive your wedding day every time you put them on. Here are a few of my favorite:Jimmy Choo, bridal collection 2Jimmy choo, bridal collectionJIMMY CHOO, BRIDAL COLLECTION6JIMMY CHOO BRIDAL COLLECTION5wedding shoes for luxury brides



So my dear brides, choose to walk down the alter in a pair of High heels ( preferably Jimmy Choo but any pair will do) and be wed

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