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DIY Wine Bottles Centerpieces


Remember how I told you about the surprise birthday party my friends and I were planning for our dear friend Ella. Well… today is the day I tell you about how I made these DIY wine bottles centerpieces for the decor.

We had a very tight budget for food not to mention the décor. Since I’m the only one of my friends who work in events, I was given the huge task of decorating the venue. It was an old village hall in Ipswich town (for those of you who may not know, I live in the UK in a little town near Milton Keynes) which has seen better days. They had ancient chairs (not sure why most village halls are not investing in better chairs) and old curtains, army display boards which their terms and conditions restricted us from removing, so they were part of the décor (big sigh!).

I was given only R1000/£45 to decorate the entire venue(ludicrous I know, but hey I had to work with what I was given). So I had to literally search Pinterest (thank God for pinterest because my ideas were way out of budget) for cost-effective budget ideas and came across a tutorial of wine bottles, beautifully decorated and used as centerpieces at a wedding. Here’s the original postDIY Wine Bottles CenterpiecesDIY Wine Bottles Centerpieces

DIY Wine Bottles Centerpieces
What you’ll need
1. Wine & beer bottles: any type of bottles will do: Tip: I got my bottles from a local restaurant(I don’t drink saints so please don’t send me a letter of how disappointed you are lol)

2. Glitter: in the colour of your choice, I got mine from Amazon but you can get it from any arts and crafts store.

3. Spray Paint: I used a black spray paint, so I didn’t need to pre-paint them.

4.Spray Glue: (VERY EXPENSIVE) However, you don’t need it.

Ok, let’s go
1. Start by soaking the bottles in hot water. Some labels came off quickly however I had to soak some bottles overnight.
2. Lay newspapers on the floor or whatever is suitable to protect your surface.
3. Lightly spray the bottles with the overcoat (if using one) If not, spray your bottle at an angle about an inch away from the bottle. Don’t get too close, the spray will spill and be visible when up close.

At this stage if you don’t have spray glue go ahead and slowly sprinkle glitter on the bottles before the paint gets dry. Be creative here, there’s no right or wrong way to sprinkle glitter. You can opt to mix and match or only have one design. It is totally up to you. I made different designs and I think they turned out gorgeous (If I should say so myself). I then put a single stem of gerberas in each bottle.

For the wow effect use as many bottles as possible. Put them everywhere, on tables, dessert tables, plus you can also put taper candles in them. The only reason I didn’t use candles at this particular venue is because they don’t allow them. Otherwise, I would’ve done. Phew!!!

DIY WINE BOTTLES CENTERPIECESThat’s it, What do think? Should I add more tutorials to the blog?

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