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Dreadlocks Inspiration For Weddings

I’ve always been shocked by the myths/misconceptions around locks. Many people believe dreadlocks are for the rough and untidy. This is far from the truth. Dreadlocks can be beautiful if kept well and twisted at least once a month. I applaud every one who has gotten married in dreadlocks and have had the courage to pin their images on pinterest. It shows that things are changing and no longer will we accept main stream media’s perception of beauty. We will define it ourselves.

Dreadlocks Inspiration For Weddings

My brother was the first person in our household to have dreadlocks. Every time He’d go for a job interview or something important like that, where one is required to look presentable, we would always encourage him to cut them. The truth is dreadlocks are considered to be unattractive especially in the wedding and corporate industries. I guess the fact that most people associate locks with gangsters makes it even harder for people to accept them.dreadlocks inspiration

However I’m glad to say not everyone thinks this way. Because there’s a new generation of black, coco, chocolate (which ever way you like to address them) women who have dared to celebrate the uniqueness of their locks. And because of that Dreadlocks are fast becoming trendy and acceptable. If you’d told me 10 years ago how dreadlocks would be trending in 2015 I would have seriously doubted your predictions.

dreadlocks inspiration

I’m so proud to see black women challenging the status quo and choosing to wear their locks on their wedding days. This is a step in the right direction and hopefully magazines and more established blogs will pay attention and start showcasing a variety of beauty from all over the world. Lets champion for change and teach our children the true meaning of beauty and that it’s okay to be different. It is our difference that makes us beautiful after all we are peculiar.

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