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Effortless Xhosa Bride And Groom


The Proposal
He knew I didn’t want him to propose to me on my birthday so I guess he decided it would be perfect to do it then because I wouldn’t expect it . On the week of my birthday, he gave me a gift every day and surprised me with a trip to Cape Town when I was expecting a road trip to a destination close by . It was evident that this was carefully planned because he had made a booking in Rubens at cape towns most prestigious hotel “the one and only “, I was forced to have dessert and then Presented with a covered plate with the ring I had fallen In love with and the words “will you marry me ” followed by him going down on his knees. I was told to keep it a secret because he knew that he had planned a surprise engagement party on Sunday when we flew back home .xhosa bride- south african wedding blogxhosa bride- south african wedding blog

The Planning Process
The planning process went by very fast , I must admit though everything was planned so last minute , just because I feel I work well that way . I was calm and collected through the whole process up until the morning of the wedding when I realized that the tent we got Could only accommodate 50 people and we were expecting 250 but ended up with plus minus 300 people . I had to do some hectic damage control to hire another tent ,luckily a friend of mine had a contact .xhosa bride- south african wedding blogxhosa bride- south african wedding blog

Creative’/Supplier Selection
Google was my best friend As I could find Various places to hire certain things . As it was a traditional wedding my aunts catering company cooked all the food, as well as my mom and grandmother .

I always felt that people were modernizing traditional weddings a bit too much so I tried to incorporate a lot of traditional /old school elements such as dish cloths instead of napkins , enamel plates and branded with our initials as thank you gifts , the centerpieces were handmade wife trees and wood and a little potjie pot with boiled peanuts , the menus were typed in Xhosa and all the food was traditional.

How would you describe your wedding
A blessed day from God himself .

Highlight Of The Day
When my In-laws gifted me with a blanket ,broom, and a head scarf and sang traditional wedding songs while me and my husband danced away looking into each other’s eyes , the smile he had on his face warmed my soul along with the voices of support around us.Xhosa Bride and Groom

The Wedding Style
The wedding style was traditional with just enough modern influence not to take away from our roots.

The Dress
I designed my dress , and watched every line being sowed on, it took me a long time to settle on one concept . I didn’t cry but I was really excited and really impressed with the outcome.xhosa bride- south african wedding blog

Biggest Investment
I saved on a lot of things because I chose to buy a huge percentage of my decor elements instead of hiring them which actually worked out cheaper and now I can share these things with other people .The lady I hired my seating arrangement from was also of great help as she could suggest how I could make things work for me.xhosa bride- south african wedding blogxhosa bride- south african wedding blogxhosa bride- south african wedding blogxhosa bride- south african wedding blogxhosa bride

Try not to panic it takes up time and drains you ,pray and fast ,save and research.

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PHOTOGRAPHER : Philly Mohlala @philly_mohlala

CAKE: kholo Mali @kstcakes

DRESS: Linda Mala ‪+27 74 074 6149‬

CATERING : Family members

MAKEUP: Me @thee_blackgeisha

DECOR: Jaclyn from Fancy Affairs (chairs,tables,tablecloths) , CHG Hire (mini potjie pots) , enamel plates and cups -KitKat

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  1. Zipho says:

    I need ur advice. I also have the same dream fory wedding day but I dont know where to start. Im aoo confused

    1. Ika says:

      Hi Zipho
      Congratulations on your up coming wedding. I’m going to give you three tips and you can move on from there.

      1.Firstly I’d say, set a budget and STICK to it. Even if you don’t have a lump sum and are planning to pay for the wedding as go, it is good to set a limit of what your prepared to pay.
      2.Decide on the type of style you want. This will make it easier when reaching out to the suppliers and planning will just fall in place.
      3.Remember a wedding is about LOVE, not extravagant details that no one will remember. Do what you can and if all fails, hire a planner.

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  4. They look beautiful

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