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An Elegant Tswana & Pedi Wedding With Dresses by Rich Factory

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I hope you’ve written all your goals and strategy on how you’re going to achieve them. Every year I like to reflect on the lessons, hurts, triumphs and victories of the previous year. I know for many of us 2017 was a hard year but you know what, we’ve been blessed with yet another year to try again.


There have certainly been BIG highlights in 2017. I didn’t blog as much as I would have liked to but I launched my very own magazine. Eeek! Although, it’s taking longer than expected for me to get it out to you I’m super proud of that achievement. I’m still working on the legal bits which I should have worked on before I began ( being a newbie in the publishing industry is though). However, it’s best to sort it now rather than later because it would most probably cause unwanted stalls in the future. But keep following me on social media and the blog for updates on what’s happening. As soon as I’m sure of all the details, I’ll let you know.


For now, though enjoy this elegant Tswana & Pedi Wedding from bride Mmule photographed by Donovan Myburgh Photography. I think this wedding deserves a standing ovation. Every aspect of the wedding was on point.


The Love Story

Wow, so I really think that this was meant to be because his family has always been in my space without me knowing. He was close friends with my cousin Suping, Kwena’s older brother and Supings older brother were best friends ☺ anyway. Suping stole my BBM profile picture and made it his profile image, Kwena saw it & (fell in love) and asked who I was. Funny enough Suping did not want any of his friends near so I was quite surprised when he told me about Kwena (and the rest is history)
The Proposal
“He proposed to me on holiday in the Maldives in December 2016. I had no idea that he was planning it, so it came as a huge surprise. In the past month leading to the holiday, we spoke about what kind of ring I would want if he proposed and he made it seem as if it would come in 2017. It was amazing, it happened on the beach, candlelit dinner, just the two of us!! I LOVED IT”
The Creative’
“I am pretty OCD when it comes to planning things so I made sure that as soon as we landed I started the planning process. I found most suppliers online via social media, it makes it so much easier to connect and see what suppliers are doing. I did not have a wedding planner, therefore, hubby & I had to plan both traditional weddings with the help of family.
One advise I can give people from this process is definitely 100% get a wedding planner (if you can afford one). I think the planner could have saved us from a lot of headaches and saved us a lot of money. We had one very horrible supplier who was supposed to do our décor and she basically ruined the whole experience for us (we are currently in a legal battle ☹ )”
An Elegant Tswana and Pedi Wedding With Dresses by Rich Factory #day2
“Yes, so I wanted a modern yet traditional wedding. The cultural aspects of the weddings was the food/traditional pedi & Setswana dancers”
Memorable Moment
My husband surprised me with a performance from an international artist, Monique Bingham. Lastly, all the LOVE that we felt on both days from our family was overwhelming
The Wedding Style
“In terms of styling for the décor; minimal yet beautiful. I do not like clutter therefore individual pieces had to speak for themselves. I made sure flowers & placements were the highlights of my weddings ☺”
The Dresses
“Modern & Sexy! That was the brief to my designer, for my outfits and she hit it on the nail. Rich Factory did my dresses and I wanted to change the usual style that I had been seeing on social media or from other designers. I chose an Olive Green shweshwe material for the Setswana dress & went for a modern Pedi dress!!”
“Enjoy every moment of the planning process, yes it will get tense but if you remember the end goal & that the wedding only lasts for a day, your relationship is a LIFETIME! Enjoy the day of the wedding take in every moment because it goes by so quickly! Dance with your partner on the day, kiss him all day and admire all the love around you.”
What are you looking forward to in married life?
“WOW just the journey of it all ☺ we have so much fun together, it can only get better!”
Venue: Family Homes
Make-Up: Nonjabulo Khoza, Makeup by Shaped
Suits: Rich Factory
Décor/Venue Styling: Nono Events (Setswana Wedding) & Christabella’s Décor (Sepedi Wedding)
Flowers: Christy Chubb & Nono Events
Videographer: Mike Joaquim
Lounging Furniture: Moove

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  1. Mapule Pandeka says:

    Oh my goodness

    I am suprised I am only getting to see this feature now, better late than never. Mmule I was at your wedding and wow did I have fun!!!

    I attended the 01 Dec celebration and you were ever smiling & looked beautiful, even took time out to greet guests’ whom you did not all know, like myself, you even posed for a pic with my little girl.

    Well done to you & hubby, everything was carefully planned. The decor was refreshingly stunning, I was also impressed by the fact that you catered for the little ones, everything was absolutely perfect.

  2. bontle says:

    I like the first dress where can I get it and it’s how much I’m at mafikeng

    1. Ika says:

      Rich Factory is the designer. Insta Handle @richfactory

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