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Personal Post: Embracing The Little Things in Life

embrace-life-2Hello There Precious One

Just the other day I was sitting at the park watching my 2year old daughter running around the park with no care in the world. Suddenly I realized how busy obsessed I had been, trying to grow the blog, spending countless hours sending e-mails, doing research and educating myself about the wonderful world of wedding blogging .

Right then and there I made a vow to no longer be obsessed with google analytics, lack of likes on facebook or comments on the blog after all the main reason I started the blog was my passion for weddings not chasing after statistics. So I’ll  keep writing and will continue to come up with inspirational posts regardless of statistics. See if I can help and inspire one bride that is more than enough for me.worship

So if like me, you’ve been busy with the cares of this life and forgetting to take time out to embrace and enjoy the little things in life I suggest you stop, take a deep breath, look up, be still and be thankful for everything that is going right in your life. I have decided to stop worrying about everything that’s going wrong and embrace all that is going right.

PS: I am thankful for all you who visit this blog on a regularly basis; I cannot thank you enough.

Please do come back for another personal post next month, who knows, a lot can happen in a month, I am sure I will have something great to share with you. Until then remember to embrace life.

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