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How To Have A Debt Free Wedding

how-to-have-a-debt-free-wedding“Weddings are expensive” A phrase I hear all too often. To which I always reply by saying; weddings aren’t expensive. It’s possible to have a debt free wedding. The supplier choices you pick will have an impact on whether or not your wedding is expensive. To be honest all you need is a pastor/minister, two witnesses and that’s it.

I’ve heard of horror stories of people still paying off wedding loans five years after the wedding. To me, that is very silly. I recently featured a bride who gave very sound advice. She said “If your pockets aren’t ready, waiting is ok” And she is right you know. Waiting is ok. It might not be comfortable but what’s the point of spending the first years of marriage paying off an unnecessary debt. It just doesn’t make sense.

I remember when Mr K and I were getting married. I wanted the best of everything. Trouble is I knew we couldn’t afford it. To avoid getting in debt, we had to stretch our budget as much as possible to make it work for us. It wasn’t easy but we did it. Although we were penniless after the wedding, the most satisfy thing was, we weren’t in debt.

I don’t know what happened to guest’ giving money at weddings to help couples get started with married life. This tradition/trend should be brought back pronto. I think if every wedding was like Greek or Nigerian (they generally have a money pinning dance which is designed to help couples start married life with a bit of cash in their pockets), couples would be better off. I beg you to plan a debt free wedding. The day itself will pass by in a flash so be wise and spent smart.London Styled ShootHow To Have A Debt Free Wedding

1.Before you start planning, tell yourself that no matter what happens you will not get into debt. Say it over and over. There’s power in the words we speak, they frame our reality.
2.Set and stick to your budget.
3.Instead of hiring a wedding venue, get married at home. Having your wedding at home allows you the freedom to do what you like plus there are no hire fees.
4.Forget wedding flowers. In or out of season, real or fake wedding flowers are expensive.
5.Think about combining your wedding and honeymoon. It’ll just be the two of you. Nobody to impress or anyone to criticise.
6.Bake your own cake or get your cake maker to make a fake wedding cake. Nobody will be able to tell the difference unless you tell to have a debt free wedding
7.Ask family and friends for favours. If your friends are creative don’t be shy to ask for help. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help.
8.Hire starting out suppliers. Yes, I said it, starting out suppliers can save you a lot of money. But please ask for a trial run before committing to anything.
9.If you decide to hire a venue, cut down on your guest list. Remember every person on the guest list will cost you.
10.Do your own hair and makeup. If you don’t know how to, youtube is a perfect place to get started.
11.Get married in winter, winter months are considered as off-peak in the wedding industry, so you will find most venues cheaper than summer months.
12.Forget about having a big wedding just elope.
13.Avoid taking loans. Ask yourself if you want to spent the next 5years paying off a wedding loan.
14.Spend money on what you consider important.
15.Be prepared to do your research, visit suppliers, compare prices and negotiate.
16.Hire your wedding dress instead of buying it. You’re only going to wear it once.
17.Forget pinterest or instagram, the key to having a picture perfect wedding is to have a very good photographer.
18.Cut out on wedding favours, I promise your guests won’t miss them.
19.Only spend on what you can afford.
20.Don’t serve alcohol, yes I said it. I can hear you say you’ve lost it. No, I have not. I find people act out of character after having a few. Who needs alcohol to have fun anyway?
21.Use your own car or borrow someone else’ to transport on the day. That’s what we did and we still made it to the venue.

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  1. Well said Lungi 🙂

    Sticking to the budget is so important.

  2. I am here for these tips! I can’t imagine taking out a loan for a wedding – that does sound crazy.

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