How To Impress Your Wedding Guests

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Isn’t it great that Valentines day has fallen on a Friday this year. Yesss! A good excuse to take the whole weekend off and go somewhere exotic to celebrate  lovers day. I know many of you will be preparing to go out later today or maybe your plan is to have a  romantic night in, whatever you do have a great time.I don’t know about you but I find it a blessing to be able to share my Life with my partner(Mr K, the sweetest man on the planet lol).

Okay enough about Valentine. Have you ever wondered how some event planners pull off remarkable events? Well the secret is in the details. Creating a wow factor isn’t as hard as you might think. It is simply taking a simple idea and turning it into a massive one. Hers are 5 ways in which you can impress your guests:

Create drama: Yes be dramatic especially if you are having a dry hire venue, possibilities are endless. I have recently seen how one of my favorite event designers transformed a venue by bringing trees indoors and making it look like a stunning jungle or you could create attractively unusual centerpieces, your florist might be able to help you come up with ideas that suit your style and theme, think outside the vase.How To Impress Your Wedding Guests

Create a relaxing place: Somewhere in your venue you might want to create a comfortable relaxing space for those guest that are tired from dancing and want to take a little break. Use hired sofas, soft lighting and votive candles to create a calming effect.How To Impress Your Wedding Guests

Make your guests feel special: People always remember how you make them feel. Small gestures such as small cakes for each guest with their name on it or personalized gift bags with chocolates and  mints   will go a long a way.

Make it a long celebration: Now this will depend on budget. Instead of just having the celebration only on a Saturday extend it to the following day. Have a barbecue(braai) or a hog roast and celebrate until the early hours of Monday morning, I am not mad people actually do this lol.

Fireworks: Nothing says WOW like a fireworks display at the end of the night. I am yet to meet a person who  doesn’t like fire works. Please check with the venue if you will need permission from the local authority before hiring a fireworks display company.How To Impress Your Wedding Guests

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